Manifest episode 11 recap: “Contrails”

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Unconventional Maneuvers (111.1)
What Cal Knows  (111.2)
The Morning After (111.3)
Searching for answers (111.4)
Captain Future (111.5)
Roger Mencin (111.6)
Knock, Knock (111.7)
Dark Lightning (111.8)
Stolen Identity (111.9)
Plane Crash 6x Over (111.10)
Autumn, the Spy (111.11)
Fiona's Garden (111.12)
Accident Awareness (111.13)
Daly's Apartment (111.14)
Fiona Daly'd (111.15)
Cal, the Builder (111.16)
We Got a Problem (111.17)
Autumn's Search (111.18)
Daly's Desperation (111.19)
Penetration Altitude (111.20)
Pilot's Wings (111.21)
Cal Goes Missing (111.22)

Scene by Scene Breakdown

Willing to follow any lead to keep his son safe from The Major, Ben heeds Cal’s calling to help Captain Daly clear his name for what happened to Flight 828. The journey uncovers a seeming conspiracy that stems all the way back to the day the plane disappeared. Meanwhile, Michaela assists Autumn in her own journey of redemption – but has Autumn truly set out to redeem herself, or is she still working against the passengers?

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Manifest Se 1 Ep 11 "Contrails" shows fact can be stranger than fiction

Manifest Se 1 Ep 11 “Contrails” shows fact can be stranger than fiction

As meteorologist Roger Mencin was talking about dark lightning in Episode 11 “Contrails”, a WP science article, “Thunderstorms contain ‘dark lightning,’ invisible pulses of powerful radiation” dated April 8, 2013 circulated on social media.
What's wrong with Grace?

What’s wrong with Grace?

I think the question we’re all asking now is, “What’s Grace’s medication situation?” Her grip on reality has been tenuous since the plane went missing, and now she flat-out refuses to accept it. She’s living in a world she’s constructed around herself
Will Grace and Danny have Sex Again?

Will Grace and Danny have Sex Again?

How long will it take for Grace and Danny to find themselves in an open and intimate relationship again? Will Danny get another opportunity to satisfy Grace in ways only the Crusader can? How long will it take? Or will it happen?
Checking the Radar
Manifest is NBC's #2 rated show this season

Has NBC just renewed Manifest for a
second season?

January 7, 2019  — is reporting that NBC has very quietly renewed the mystery drama for Season 2, eyed for a fall 2019 premiere. Stay tuned.