Tarmac Revelation (101.3)

101.3 SYNOPSIS:  The passengers and crew learn that five years have passed since their flight left Jamaica, with all on board presumed missing or dead.

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Waiting for word

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There are a lot of sirens wailing and police radio chatter, as a government official approaches the plane.

VANCE: Who’s Daly?

The passengers have all been taking off the plane and are standing on the tarmac watching.

MICHAELA: When do they ever do this?

BEN: Never. Something’s happening.

Receiving word


MICHAELA: Excuse me. T-There are sick people here. What exactly is the problem?

VANCE: The problem, ladies and gentlemen, is your plane departed Montego Bay, Jamaica, on April 7, 2013. Today is November 4, 2018. [PASSENGERS MURMURING] You’ve all been missing, presumed dead, for 5 1/2 years.

CROWD: What?!

Why five-and-a-half years and not 10?

JEFF RAKE: Five-and-a-half years felt to me like enough time for everything to have changed, but not so long that you couldn’t restore what you once had. A decade felt to me like a bridge too far, like you could never recover. Five-and-a-half in my mind symbolizes just a notch over the tipping point for what you may not be able to reclaim — but not so much that you wouldn’t keep fighting to get back what you once had.

SOURCE: Matt Webb Mitovich (TVLine)

Comprehending the word

Scene shifts to inside

BEN: Hey.

CAL: Hm?

BEN: Medicine.

CAL: When can we leave? [PILLS RATTLE]

MICHAELA: Soon, buddy. They’re just They’re gonna talk to us, take a little look at us, and then we can get out of here, okay?

CAL: If it’s really been five years, how am I still alive?

BEN: Do you feel five years older? Neither do I. Don’t worry.

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