What Happened? (101.4)

101.4 SYNOPSIS:  The passengers and crew are interviewed by the authorities who are trying to figure out what happened.

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Crew and passenger interviews

VANCE: Let’s start simply. After the plane left Jamaica, where did you land?

DALY: We never landed anywhere until we landed right here.

VANCE: Now tell me what really happened.

CLARKE: Took off on time. Arrived 3 hours and 19 minutes later.

BETHANY: Is this some kind of a stunt?! For God’s sake!

SAANVI: It makes no sense.

DALY: Clear air, heavy chop. Instruments never detected a thing.

MALE PASSENGER 2: Turbulence. Like the roof was going to come right off, you know?

FEMALE PASSENGER: [SOBBING] I We What are you talking

MALE PASSENGER 1: I’m gonna sue this airline into the ground.

Stone family interviews

MICHAELA: I need to make a call, okay? I need I need to call  my fiancé.

BEN: My son has leukemia. He’s not about to submit to testing of any kind.

CAL: I want my mom.

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