Stone Family Reunion (101.5)

101.5 SYNOPSIS:  The families of the passengers are allowed to see them. Cal is freaked out that his twin sister Olive is all grown up while Michaela and Ben learn that their mom has died.

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Grace, Ben and Cal


Thirty-six hours later…

GRACE: Ben! Ben! Ben! Oh, my God!


BEN: It’s okay. We’re okay. We’re okay.

GRACE: I don’t understand. How are you exactly the same? You haven’t aged a day. [SOBS]

Olive and Ben



BEN: Olive.

Ben and Olive embrace.

Cal sees OLIVE who is now grown up, and runs away.

GRACE: Cal! Cal! Cal! Cal, Cal. I know, I know, I know. It’s okay.

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Michaela and her dad

MICHAELA: Where’s, uh Where’s mom and Jared?

STEVE: I texted with Jared. He couldn’t make it over. Work emergency.


STEVE: Your mom got sick. She She fought so hard.

MICHAELA: What what do you mean, sick?

STEVE: [SIGHS] She loved you kids more than life itself. You were everything to her.

MICHAELA: No! No, no. I was just I was just running with her on the beach. I came out here to tell her t-that she was right about me and Jared. [SOBBING] No, Dad.No, no! No, I can’t [SOBBING]

Character’s Experiences vs. Our Lives

[When the characters return] they have to pick up the pieces of what’s left of their lives, since everyone they know, and everything they were involved with, has moved on without them. At the same time, a voice in each one’s head, which sounds like their own, but is based on knowledge they have no way of knowing, compels them to act to help people. It won’t shut up until they put their own day-to-day concerns aside and do the right thing.

What adult hasn’t faced these kinds of issues? The feeling that life is moving too fast around you, and you can’t keep up. Or the discovery that people or organizations that you used to know have become unrecognizable since the last time you checked in. Or even just the sting of betrayal from people you thought you were close to in the here and now, but realize you never really knew?


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