TV news report (101.10)

101.10 SYNOPSIS:  Jared is leading an investigation into an abduction of two girls.

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Michaela shopping

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Michaela is at a store looking at clothes, and walks by the television section.

Jared working nonstop

TV NEWS ANCHOR: coverage of Montego Air Flight 828 will continue, but first this NBC4 Update. Sisters Hallie and Samantha Pyler of Astoria were abducted from their backyard early Sunday morning. The case has resulted in thousands of calls to the NYPD, according to 129th Precinct Detective Jared Vasquez.

JARED [ON TELEVISION]: We’re working nonstop pursuing all viable leads. Please keep your eyes and ears open. If you hear anything, make sure you contact your local police department.

The Numbers 100 Combined with 828

The number 100 was sprinkled all over posters, price stickers at Walmart and at the hospital. The number 100 signifies divine intervention. When this is combined with 828 it becomes more than a little obvious we are being told fate or kismet is interceding and everyone has a purpose to be completed.

SOURCE: Tracy Palmer (Signal Horizon)

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