Hearing Voices (101.12)

101.12 SYNOPSIS:  When Michaela tells Ben about the voice she heard, he tells her to keep quiet or she will be put in a psych ward and have the government do exploratory surgery on her brain.

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Michaela’s transparency

Michaela sits on a swing in the backyard, when Ben comes out of the house.

Significance of Michaela on the swing set

Interestingly, this scene has Michaela in Ben’s backyard on a swing. This image point to Michaela’s tendency to move back and forth between possibilities. It also foreshadows that the voice she hears (i.e. the calling) will create unimaginable internal conflicts within her. Even if Michaela was not hearing the voice, she would have a lot to deal with.

BEN: You all right?

MICHAELA: Is your mind messing with you?

BEN: [CHUCKLES] Where to begin?

MICHAELA: Ben, I’m serious. Earlier today, I heard a voice in my head.

BEN: What do you mean, voice? Whose voice?

MICHAELA: It was my voice, but it was talking to me.

The mystery component

The mystery component adds more complexity to each character, rather than just being a gimmick. Each has to deal not only with the time jump, but also with the ramifications of the voices in their heads and the actions they’re compelled to take. Something or someone has altered the course of their lives, and they need to figure why, and what that means, going forward.

SOURCE: MetaWitches.com

Ben’s opaqueness

BEN: So, like a psychotic voice?

MICHAELA: Can you not diagnose me right now and just listen? Look, normally I’d go to Mom about all this, but now I’m stuck with you.

BEN: I lost my mom, too.

MICHAELA: I didn’t mean that.

BEN: I know. Sorry. You want to know what I think? I think it sounds like you’re losing your mind.

MICHAELA: [CHUCKLES] Yeah, of course you do.

BEN: No, I’m not being glib. Keep it to yourself before you end up in a psych ward having exploratory brain surgery. What do you think, the government just sent us home and forgot about us? Who knows what they’ll try in order to find out what happened? And I don’t want anything to happen to you. That’s what I think.

Ben’s Sympathetic Start

Although Ben doesn’t really get fleshed out much as a character in this pilot, his intelligent choices and kind reassurance give him a truly sympathetic start towards winning us over.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)


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