Clinic Surprise (101.13)

101.13 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi is given a surprise reception at the place where she did medical research. Her boss tells her that the work she did on experimental Leukemia treatment was a success, and has  helped save hundreds of pediatric cancer patients.

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Saanvi’s parents bring her to work

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Saanvi and her parents get out of a cab on a busy city street.

SAANVI’S FATHER: Hold your horses, honey.

Saanvi’s parents put a blind fold on their daughter.

SAANVI: What? What?! Oh, my. [CHUCKLES] Really?

ELEVATOR BELL DINGS; They step out of the elevator.

Saanvi’s boss gives her a surprise

ALL: Surprise!


DR. CARDOSO: Saanvi?

SAANVI: Dr. Cardoso. Hi. Look, I don’t understand. I was trying to race to you so I can get you my research off of the portal, and…

DR. CARDOSO: I got your research five years ago. Your cell-regeneration model isn’t just theoretical after all.

SAANVI: It works? As an actual clinical success?

DR. CARDOSO: We’ve been treating pediatric cancer patients for close to 30 months.

SAANVI: Oh, you can’t be serious.

DR. CARDOSO: Couldn’t be more. It’s already saved hundreds of young lives.

Saanvi offers a lot more than just being a sidekick for the Stones

As much as her research could have been a major plot point, Saanvi as a character is a breath of fresh air. Saanvi seems to have received the most concrete “calling” as the moment she landed she was told that her research on a cure for cancer had been put to use for the last 36 months. Saanvi not only saved lives while she was gone, but she is continuing to save the lives of those who were not considered for the medication. Also, let’s just be thankful that she is probably the only character on the show who is not involved in any kind of unnecessary romantic flings.

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2 thoughts on “Clinic Surprise (101.13)

  1. “Also, let’s just be thankful that she is probably the only character on the show who is not involved in any kind of unnecessary romantic flings.”

    We should be thankful indeed. No romantic flings for Saanvi. She would never entangle herself in a love triangle; especially in a situation where her lover would be married. /sarc/

  2. That was fairly solid as pilots go, although you can already see the problem with the cast of thousands. The writers packed a lot in fairly efficiently, though they definitely sacrificed some emotional depth and characterization to do so. But I was pleasantly surprised by the actors…generally they seem strong enough to cover for some of the writing’s flaws. Though there is absolutely no way I believe the government would let those people go after 36 hours! No WAY.

    Whatever force (whether benign or malevolent…I’m guessing the latter, countered by whatever benevolent force is causing the voices in their heads) was behind the flight’s disappearance is bound up with Cal and the doctor’s pediatric leukemia cure, I’m calling it now. They’re pushing her research as the Miracle Cure, and emphasizing how many kids have been treated with it so much, and the upcoming purchase, that there’s just got to be a catch.

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