Clinic Surprise (101.13)

101.13 SYNOPSIS:  Saanvi is given a surprise reception at the place where she did medical research. Her boss tells her that the work she did on experimental Leukemia treatment was a success, and has  helped save hundreds of pediatric cancer patients.

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Saanvi’s parents bring her to work

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Saanvi and her parents get out of a cab on a busy city street.

SAANVI’S FATHER: Hold your horses, honey.

Saanvi’s parents put a blind fold on their daughter.

SAANVI: What? What?! Oh, my. [CHUCKLES] Really?

ELEVATOR BELL DINGS; They step out of the elevator.

Saanvi’s boss gives her a surprise

ALL: Surprise!


DR. CARDOSO: Saanvi?

SAANVI: Dr. Cardoso. Hi. Look, I don’t understand. I was trying to race to you so I can get you my research off of the portal, and…

DR. CARDOSO: I got your research five years ago. Your cell-regeneration model isn’t just theoretical after all.

SAANVI: It works? As an actual clinical success?

DR. CARDOSO: We’ve been treating pediatric cancer patients for close to 30 months.

SAANVI: Oh, you can’t be serious.

DR. CARDOSO: Couldn’t be more. It’s already saved hundreds of young lives.

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