Ben needs to get a job (101.14)

101.14 SYNOPSIS:  Grace tells Ben that Olive had to go to therapy to deal with his and Cal’s loss.

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Cal receives a pretzel

CAL: Dad, can I have a pretzel?

BEN: Pretzel? I guess. Here you go, buddy.

CAL: Thanks.


Olive receives therapy

BEN: I need a job. If we luck into this treatment, chances are it’s gonna cost a fortune, and work insurance won’t pay for it.

GRACE: We don’t know that. It pays for OLIVE’s therapy.

Straight white male normalcy

Ben has a momentary, mostly silent, melt down, as the assaults on his protective veneer of straight white male normalcy continue to add up. Now he has a wife who survived just fine without him, and a daughter who’s insulted him by needing serious amounts of therapy. These are both outside of normal parameters, but at opposite ends of the spectrum. What’s a guy who’s clinging to his state of denial to do?


BEN: She goes to therapy?

GRACE: Yeah. Twice a week. For years now. Early on, she didn’t even want to leave the house, let alone ride in a car or go to school. She couldn’t have sleepovers ’cause of the nightmares. I mean, most of that’s gone now, thank God.

BEN: She grew up too fast.

GRACE: She had no choice.

Blood, sweat and tears

Grace’s tone of voice implies that both she and Olive have earned the maturity they have now, through blood, sweat and tears, and she doesn’t appreciate him wishing it away.


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