Olive’s Soccer Practice (101.17)

101.17 SYNOPSIS:  Ben visits Olive at soccer practice. He feels guilty for leaving her fatherless for 5 1/2 years. He also apologizes also for neglecting her while attending to Cal’s health issues.

Recap & Commentary

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Touch and go

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MAN: All right, both teams, take a break!


MAN: Touch and go. Touch and go.


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OLIVE: Dad. What are you doing here?

BEN: Checking out the team. You guys look good.

OLIVE: Thanks. Parents don’t usually show up to practice.

BEN: Well, this parent’s got some catching up to do. Listen. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry for everything.

OLIVE: Dad, you don’t have to apologize for something that happened to you.

BEN: I made the choice to stay behind.

OLIVE: It was a long time ago, Dad.

BEN: Not for me. Here you’ve been all this time, stuck, picking up the pieces. Even before I got on that plane, I’d been so caught up with trying to help Cal get better so he could live a long life. I I lost sight of your life. And now you probably feel like you don’t know me. But we’re gonna fix that. I’m not going anywhere.

Olives gives her dad a big hug.


BEN: Hey, you better get back out there.

Significance of first touch in soccer

Just as players MUST develop a feel for the ball, Ben must get to know Olive. She is no longer ten years old. In soccer, a fine touch requires a player to be comfortable handling the ball with one’s foot. Will there a day when Ben will have to put his foot down and be unyielding in a decision concerning Olive? How will Olive respond? Just as a ball is always moving, Olive continues to get older and unpredictable. Since Ben’s return, everything has been up in the air. Since controlling balls on the ground is a lot easier than when they are in the air, it will be imperative that Ben practices this skill. Showing up at her soccer time and apologizing was a good start. Time will tell whether Ben will continue to have the right touch with his daughter. What can be very instinctive for some fathers, is harder for others.


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