Set them Free! – II (101.19)

101.19 SYNOPSIS:  After the dogs are found, Michaela and Jared return to the metalworking facility, where she starts to hear the voice again. After searching the lot, she breaks open a door, and frees the two kidnapped girls.

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Michaela arrive to return dogs


JARED: Come on.

MICHAELA: Is this really necessary?

JARED: Yeah. [PAUSE] Yeah. You’re doing this. I’m just along for the ride. Let’s just hope he doesn’t want to press charges.

MICHAELA: [ECHOING] Set them free.

JARED: Are you okay?

MICHAELA: [ECHOING] Set them free!

JARED: Hey, go sit in the car.


Jared enters the metal shop

JARED: Hello! Mr. Garrison?! Hello?!


GARRISON: There those adventurers are! Oh, yes, yes. Come here. Come here. Oh, you good boys.

JARED: Detective Jared Vasquez with NYPD.

GARRISON: Oh, thank you, Detective. [TO DOGS] Aren’t you glad to see me, huh?

Michaela has 828 flashbacks

The scene shifts back to the yard outside the metal shop.

MICHAELA: [ECHOING] Set them free.

Michaela notices address on the fence. It says 828.

WOMAN: Flight 828 now boarding. Flight 828.

MICHAELA’S MOTHER: All things work together for good.

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Michaela opens the fence and walks into the yard.


Jared asks Mr.Garrison for a favor

The scene shifts back to inside the metal shop.

JARED: Listen, Mr. Garrison. I have to disclose that we’re aware of who broke open your gate.

GARRISON: Are ya, now?

JARED: Yeah. They’re two people who have just been through a hell of a crisis, sir. I’d consider it a favor if you’d be willing to, uh, forgo pressing charges. Of course, I’ll pay for all the repairs.

GARRISON: Not a problem. I’m not looking to put anyone behind bars.

Michaela frees the kidnapped girls

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MICHAELA: [ECHOING] Set them free. Set them free! Set them free. Set them free. Set! Them! Free! Set them free. Set them free. Set them free. Set them free.

Michaela bangs a long metal rod on a locked door.

GARRISON: What the hell are you doing?!

JARED: Michaela! Stop! Michaela!

Michaela opens the door.



MICHAELA: It’s okay. It’s okay. You’re going home. It’s okay. It’s done. It’s all over. Are you guys okay? Are you okay? Okay.


Business of saving kids

Okay, if we’re going with the theory that Lost took place entirely in some sort of purgatory, then maybe Manifest is doing something similar: These characters did die, but they had unfinished business on Earth. Business like…saving kids! Like the one kid in front of the bus! Or Cal Stone, the kid whose cancer diagnosis might get better with the help of Saanvi’s research.

SOURCE: Rebecca Farley (Refinery29)

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