Congratulations (101.20)

101.20 SYNOPSIS:  Captain Riojas, of the NYPD’s 129th precinct, congratulates Michaela , and  talks about getting her old job back.  Michael then thanks Jared, but when asked, won’t reveal what helped her solve this case.

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Captain congratulates Michaela

Mr. Garrison is be taken into police custody.


MICHAELA: Captain.

CAPTAIN RIOJAS: Long time no see.

MICHAELA: For you, at least.

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CAPTAIN RIOJAS: Sounds like congratulations are in order. According to Vasquez, this was all you.

MICHAELA: I’m happy to help.

CAPTAIN RIOJAS: Take a few days off, clear your head, then come in, and we’ll talk. See if we can figure out getting you back on the beat.

MICHAELA: Thank you.

CAPTAIN RIOJAS: Those girls are alive because you came back. It’s lucky for all of us.


Michaela thanks Jared


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MICHAELA: Thanks for putting in a good word.

JARED: It’s the least I can do. So, I suppose you’re not gonna explain to me what happened here today.

MICHAELA: Like I said, I wish I could.

JARED: You still take my breath away.

MICHAELA: Say hi to Lourdes for me.

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