Grace’s Apology (101.21)

101.21 SYNOPSIS:  At the hospital while Cal is receiving treatment, Grace apologizes to Ben for blaming him for taking Cal away from her, and thanks him for now giving him the opportunity to live. Saanvi enters the treatment room and smiles at Cal before leaving.

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Grace shuts off her phone

When Grace’s cell phone rings, she quickly stops it

BEN: You okay?

GRACE: Yeah.

BEN: Usually you’re the optimist. I’m doom and gloom, remember?

GRACE: I am optimistic. And so grateful.

BEN: Said the woman looking like she’s about to toss her cookies.[CHUCKLES SOFTLY]

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Grace apologizes to Ben

GRACE: I have so much to apologize to you for.

BEN: We don’t have to get into this now.

GRACE: No, I know. [PAUSE] I have spent every day of the last five years blaming you. Not only for taking that later flight, but for making Cal so desperate for your attention that he wanted to stay with you. I had maybe, what, six months left with him? And even that you took away from me. But the thing is I realize now that for Cal to be here with us today for Olive to have her twin alive, to maybe grow up beside her Cal had to be on that plane. He had to.

BEN: Oh, what you’ve both been through. The only reason we were on that trip in the first place was because you insisted and bribed me with sex. [CHUCKLES]

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BEN: So if anyone saved Cal I’m pretty sure it was you.


BEN: This is bigger than us.

Cal smiles at Saanvi

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Cal while playing a video game during treatment sees Saanvi and smiles.

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