Investigation Update (101.22)

101.22 SYNOPSIS:  A short transition scene that shows that the authorities have not given up in trying to find out what happened.

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Transition scene

WOMAN: Copy. Everything checks out.

VANCE: Then tomorrow, we take it apart piece by piece. This isn’t close to over.

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One thought on “Investigation Update (101.22)

  1. “This isn’t close to over.” The investigation is over. Stick a fork in it. No government agency officially cares what happened to Flight 828 anymore.

    Vance was in charge of the investigation. But not anymore. His deputy, Powell, is out of the picture. The Major didn’t care what happened to the plane. She was more interested in chasing enigmas, the Holy Grail, Cal Stone and Saanvi Bahl. She’s now no longer capable of doing anything.

    Who’s left to investigate why and how Flight 828 disappeared? Ben Stone? He has other things on his plate, e.g., fulfilling his Callings and solving the death date. There is no longer any official investigation into what happened to Flight 828. The NTSB has been a “no-show,” i.e., AWOL and MIA.

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