Fast and Not So Fast (101.23)

101.23 SYNOPSIS:  At home, Ben is playing Banagrams with his family. Although he just learned how to play, Cal is dominating. Ben starts to get dizzy. Meanwhile, Grace receives a text.  Olive asks what she is going to do.

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Cal fast at learning Banagrams

ANNOUNCER ON TV: [Basketball game] Williams into the front court. Dumps it off left side.

CAL: Peel!

🔵 TWEET by Jeff Rake

OLIVE: How are you so fast?

CAL: Dump. Finished.

BEN: Oh, come on.

OLIVE: That’s ridiculous.

GRACE: Cal! Amazing!

OLIVE: You just learned how to play.

BEN: [LAUGHS] Nice. Well, not bad for the tiniest 15-year-old on…

Ben gets dizzy

GRACE: Ben? Are you all right?

BEN: Yeah, I just got dizzy for a second. I’m fine, really. Don’t worry. Everything’s great.

GRACE: Drink some water. I’ll get more snacks.

WOMAN ON TV: NBC4 update. Sisters Hallie and Samantha Pyler have been rescued. The kidnapped sisters were found safe at an Astoria metal shop and are being treated at the scene.

Grace slow at telling Ben

TEXT RECEIVED: Did you tell him? I miss you.

TEXT SENT: I need time. You have to understand.

TEXT RECEIVED: Can we please talk?

OLIVE: What are you gonna do?

Grace and Olive’s Profound Experiences

Grace is now a battle-tested single mother, and Olive is a child who’s survived having her entire world turned upside down. She went from an intact family with a safety net to just her and her mom, struggling to survive, and probably helping out Steve and Karen through Karen’s illness and death. Those are profound experiences that Olive doesn’t share with her twin. Grace has had similar profound experiences that she doesn’t share with her husband. How did Grace and Olive find the strength get through those years, and how can the family move forward now? Can they ever be a family again? Cal’s illness alone would have been enough to cause at least 50% of marriages to fail, before the plane jumped through time/ went missing. Now their issues seem insurmountable. They’ll all have to set aside their preconceptions of each other and get to know each other again, if it’s going to work.


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2 thoughts on “Fast and Not So Fast (101.23)

  1. Very cool theory about Cal, I didn’t make that connection. It totally makes sense though especially as that doctor’s research is clearly going to be what saves his life. The research that was on the laptop that got fried..which then took years to develop to the point where it even could save his life. Definitely a lot of things happened to make sure that kid lives.

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  2. I believe Cal will have a bigger role in this series and I wouldn’t be surprised whoever is behind this, is using him or using his body as a vessel. I believe this due to the scene were the Stones are playing a game that Cal just learned and his sister remarks how fast and good he is, having just learned the rules. Foreshadowing (or maybe I’m just looking too much into it)

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