Passengers are called (101.24)

101.24 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela is in a church and is approached by a priest. She is curious if she is chosen for some higher purpose when Ben arrives. Michaela questions why they were chosen. Later, some of the passengers return to the airport and witness the plane explode on the other side of the fence from them.

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Michaela seeks understanding


Scene shifts inside a church where Michaela is reading a bible in a pew. She is reading Romans 8:28 – “God causes all things to work together for good to those…who are called according to His purpose.”

PRIEST: Welcome home. Ears burning much? You’re the subject of my sermon this Sunday.

MICHAELA: How do we know if we’re the called?

PRIEST: We know in our heart.

Michaela sees the plane in her mind.

PRIEST: You okay? Michaela?

Michaela holds up the bible in which she was reading.

MICHAELA: Can I take this?

PRIEST: As long as you put it to good use.

Michaela as a Tragic Character

Michaela is a “tragic character” who’s walked away from her faith, and viewers “meet her after she’d fallen a long way down,” Roxburgh says. But “she’s got this glimmer of hope in her eye. She’s kind of looking at it like, ‘Maybe we’re being called back for a spiritual reason.’ [“Manifest” creator Jeff Rake] promises a “major mythology reveal” halfway through the first season that will be “surprising and satisfying.” But throughout, small clues will peel layers of the onion.

SOURCE: (Brian Truitt, USA TODAY)

Ben seeks understanding


Ben enters church.

PRIEST: Looks like your ride’s here.

BEN: You saved those girls.

MICHAELA: We saved those girls. How’d you know I was here?

BEN: I just knew.

MICHAELA: What is this? What is happening? How about this? There were a lot of people on that plane. Why you and me? What makes two head cases like us so special?

BEN: What’s the probability it’s just you and me?

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The passengers are called back


MICHAELA (Voiceover/Narrator): And, of course, it wasn’t just the two of us.

Camera shifts to other scenes of other passengers (including SAANVI) who were on the plane, before showing passengers convening near a fence at the airport looking out at the plane.

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MICHAELA (Voiceover/Narrator): Ben and I didn’t know any of these people yet. But soon, we’d know them as well as we know ourselves. As for whatever force brought us all here… [PLANE BLOWS UP]

Scene shifts to CAL sleeping and his eyes open up.

MICHAELA (Voiceover/Narrator): It had no interest in being investigated. And as for the group of us? This was just the beginning.


Unanswered Questions

Did the entity that brought them forward in time also take steps to make sure certain people were on the plane? Were they all random? Were none of them random? What does it say about them, that they are now some sort of chosen ones? What happens if they ignore the voice and walk away? Is the voice telling everyone who was on the plane to do good? Is hearing voices the extent of their changes, or will they develop other powers?


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4 thoughts on “Passengers are called (101.24)

  1. In this scene, Michaela is the Narrator and is speaking in the past tense. Which means her voice is speaking from some future point in the upcoming timeline.

    When and where in the timeline will probably remain a secret. But are the passengers’ “callings” a threat to the world or a cure for some imminently impending disaster?
    After all, the plane was destroyed for a reason.

    Were the passengers of 828 gifted with “callings” accidentally or have they been “collectively” programmed by an invisible celestial entity for some sinister or benevolent purpose?

    Perhaps, the real threat to the world is whoever or whatever’s behind the disappearance of 828. And it just might not be the government … including the vigilante appointed, enigma-hunting, Major. The “called” passengers simply could be a Trojan Horse … hiding the danger that’s yet to come.

  2. Your electromagnetism theory is awesome. Great ideas, especially that the doctor’s research was sent out even though her laptop fried.

    Michaela said “Whatever force brought us all here, it had no interest in being investigated” as the plane exploded. I do think it’s the “force” that did it, in my humble opinion.

    The authorities hadn’t found anything so far, so they vowed to take it apart. And they also towed it outside. Once outside, it was no longer a danger to anyone in the hangar, so by exploding, it obliterated any traces of said “force” still in the plane and to prevent mankind from getting concrete evidence of its existence.

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  3. So I’m seeing a lot of purgatory and alien theories but my theory relates to electromagnetism. The way all the lights on the plane were sparking and going crazy makes me think they went through a pocket with extreme amounts of electromagnetic energy, which resulted in the time distortion, their psychic abilities, and could even explain why the ladies research was sent out even though her laptop was fried.

    What it doesn’t explain is the plane exploding at the end. Maybe the passengers unintentionally did it without even realizing just by all being near it? Maybe they also have some sort of meta-physical abilities and just don’t realize it yet?

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