Police Precinct Visit (101.8)

101.8 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela visits the police precinct where she worked and learns her fiancé Jared, who is now a detective, has married her best friend.

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Michaela meets co-workers



SERGEANT: As I live and breathe.

MICHAELA: Hey, Sarge. Getting a lifetime supply of hugs.

SERGEANT: Of course you are. Come back from the dead, you’ve earned yourself a hug. Didn’t expect you getting back to work this fast.

MICHAELA: Probably not quite yet, assuming I actually still have a job here.

SERGEANT: Technically, you still remain on desk duty. I’m guessing we can drum up a desk for you when you’re ready.

Episode pilot hints at much more to come

To its credit, the pilot of Manifest only hints at a car accident and a girl named Evie, leaving the rest enticingly vague. Even the fact that she has desk duty upon returning to the police force seems tangentially related.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)

Michaela meets Jared


Scene switches to Michaela and Det. Jared Vasquez, her ex-fiancé

JARED: You’re so young. You look exactly the same.

MICHAELA: Yeah. You look even better. I don’t know how men do that.

JARED: I’m sorry I didn’t come to the airport. I’m lead detective on this abduction case. Every hour counts.

MICHAELA: Detective? Wow.

JARED: A lot has changed since you’ve been gone.

Jared’s wedding ring

No, don’t look at his left hand!! Shoot, she looked, and saw the wedding ring before he could get his hand in his pocket. Real brave guy.

SOURCE: MetaWitches.com

MICHAELA: Who is she? [SIGHS]

JARED: Lourdes.

MICHAELA: That makes sense. She always told me how lucky I was.

JARED: Michaela, it was two years before I even looked at another woman.



Jared: Why the guilt?

Dude, if you don’t think you did anything wrong, then own it. Why the guilt, since Michaela was supposedly dead? It’s not really that weird for you and the best friend to have bonded over the mutual loss, especially since Michaela tells us that Lourdes always had a thing for you. You waited a more than reasonable amount of time before getting together. So, again, why the guilt? Either Lourdes is still second choice because Michaela is his soulmate, or he’s hiding some other secret.

SOURCE: MetaWitches.com

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