Treatment Protocols (101.9)

101.9 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Grace receive good news that Cal’s leukemia has not progressed and learn of a new form of treatment now exists which improves his chances of survival.

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Cal’s cell count

While Cal is being tested, Ben and Grace are talking to one of the doctors.

GRACE: You okay?

Dr. Williams: His cell count is exactly the same. We’re right where we were. It’s amazing. It’s truly amazing.

Doctor’s game changer

BEN: So we pick up with the same regimen, right where we left off?

Dr. Williams: Well, that would be our backup plan, but there’s a new treatment protocol for pediatric cases within Cal’s profile. It’s a game-changer.

BEN: Game-changer how?

Dr. Williams: Well, it’s still in the phase 3 trial, so we have to apply for him to join the patient group, which I’ll do right now. If we get him admitted and we get a jump on the treatment, the odds are excellent.

Ben’s time lag


BEN: Uh, can we manage some expectations here? You said six months. You implied it would take a miracle.

GRACE: Earth to Ben. You all came back to us. You are sitting here right now, baby. [LAUGHING] A miracle just happened!

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