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This page is not for seeing what’s new regarding the TV show, but rather what’s new in the website’s design and layout.  

This viewer’s guide provides an organized way to research and study the episodes for fans and reviewers, alike. However, understand that it continues to undergo development. Not all pages or features are complete or up-to-date (e.g. glossary). Feedback you provide will help identify and fix issues, and make the guide even better. This site does not accept donations or ad revenue, but positive feedback is always welcome. It helps keep the passion alive!

December 1, 2018

November 30, 2018

  • YouTube Video (embedded above) – first video (a 10 minute overview of the website) / depending on the number of views and/or positive comments, more videos are possible in the future (i.e. episode recaps and analysis), which I will try and do a better job at. For this video, except for a few paragraphs at the beginning, I was just talking off the top of my head. I can do better!
  • TIMELINES now have an intro page

November 29, 2018

  • GLOSSARY redesigned/organized
    • Tiles for terms on front page of glossary enables the page to load faster
    • Episode tags  – view all terms of an episode on one page
    • Featured Term Slider – on top of page
    • All topics, not only 4 most recent, topics are listed under each episode.

November 28, 2018

  • FRONT PAGE reorganized/Redesigned
    • Episode Highlights – use arrow, or click on page numbers on the bottom to slide to the right (on mobile devices swipe).
    • RECENT GLOSSARY TERMS – moved from right column (text) to center column (photos)
    • WATCH FULL EPISODE links to NBC Manifest page
  • TIMELINES: Some adjustments to character’s days/dates after timejump had to be made after Episode 9 revealed what day it was  (I was off by only two days)

November 26, 2018

  • TIMELINES:  Michaela | Ben | Saanvi | Olive
    • Outline View  (Table of Contents) moved to the left column – This does not affect mobile devices where it is still on top of page as before.
    • cf.  November 15, 2018 / during mid-season break will update other characters’ timelines with same format

November 25, 2018

    • You will find many changes in the mobile version of the website. Everything is a whole lot easier to access, and much cleaner.
    • LEFT MENU: access to Twitter Feeds, YouTube Videos, RSS Recaps & Reviews, Media Reviews, Random Views & Quotes, Recent Comments, Quizzes
    • RIGHT MENU: Search, Episodes, Character Timelines, Glossary, Episode Questions, What’s New, Disclaimer, and Contact Us.
    • A page where one can go to see what changes or new features were added to website.

November 24, 2018

  • YOU TUBE VIDEOS: Carousel view (large) and Gallery view (small)
    • Works great on mobile – swipe across to view selected videos in six categories
  • TWITTER FEEDS (Two pages):
    • All in one place, easy to read, a quick way to stay informed and feel connected. Twitter feeds include, The Writer’s Room, Jeff Rake (show creator, writer), MW Wilson (writer), Darika Fuhrmann (script coordinator), Manifest Central, Roxburgh Central (Michaela), Manifesters, and Best of Manifest
    • minor changes were made to make page more user friendly

November 23, 2018

    • right column on home page (desktop), or scroll down (mobile)

November 21, 2018

    • to access most recent episode you can also use link on top of home page
    • When comments are posted they also show up on this page—an easy way to see who’s posting what. Excerpt of the last three comments are also visible on the left column of home page.

November 20, 2018


November 18, 2018

    • When selected blog posts or pages are created, an identical (title, content) topic is automatically created in the forum and keeps synchronizing the entries. New comments under the Post will be automatically posted as replies under the connected (cross-posted) topic and vice versa (new replies of this topic will be automatically posted as comments under the connected post).

November 17, 2018

    • PREVIEW OUTLINES at the top of episode scene pages help break up the scene
    • TWEETS on these pages by default are being hidden, click on banner to show

November 15, 2018

  • TIMELINES: New format — Michaela | Ben | Saanvi | Olive
    • Featured scenes image slider for each character
    • Page outline on top of page provides quick access to sections/days
    • Cross-referenced links to same day of other character’s timelines

November 12, 2018

    • registration open / become a charter member!

November 10, 2018

  • NEXT EPISODE Synopsis, Video, and Photos
    • accessible via the main menu at top of the pages

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