Spitballing (102.13)

102.13 SYNOPSIS:  Ben spitballs with Michaela trying to make sense of why Cal’s life is being threatened while he is trying to help someone else’s kid.

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Ben thanks Michaela

Scene switches to Ben’s kitchen where TV is on in the background.

KELLY: [ON TV] Of course we were confused.

MICHAELA: What, you cook now? Just when I thought things couldn’t get any stranger.

BEN: Hey, thanks for the jail hookup.

Ben keeps Michaela informed

MICHAELA: How is Radd’s son?

BEN: His face is bashed in. It’s not safe in there.

MICHAELA: Yeah, well, if he gets convicted and goes upstate, the place he’s at now is gonna seem like a country club.

BEN: I so want this kid to be innocent for his father’s sake. Hey, can you pull the file and see if the cops or D.A. cut some corners?

MICHAELA: So it’s the the police’s fault?

BEN: I’m just spit-balling here.

Definition of Spitballing

Spit-balling means to shoot ideas out in the open, to make suggestions loosely (often going against common logic)

Ben seeks understanding

BEN: Doesn’t seem fair that that flight may have saved my kid’s life but threatened someone else’s.

MICHAELA: You heard something like last time.

BEN: Not exactly. But whatever that was, whatever this is, I’ve got to get to the bottom of it.

MICHAELA: No, Ben, not everything is a puzzle that you have to solve.

BEN: It isn’t about solving a puzzle. This is understanding what my life has become — our lives. If we can’t answer that, we’re never gonna be able to get back to normal.

MICHAELA: Have you told Grace?

BEN: No. She has enough going on.

Ben as True Leader

In the first episode, Saanvi saved Cal, Michaela saved the Pyler girls, and Grace kept her family together while the plane was missing, but all will need a true leader to show them the way, in the form of a blonde, blue-eyed, 6 foot tall, white man. Once Ben gets past his 40 days of wandering in the desert, denying his true nature, he’ll accept that this is who he’s meant to be and become the wise, compassionate all-father of the Flight 828 community. Grace, who is, you know, full of grace, or in other words, Holy Spirit, has already anointed and sanctified him.

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