Spitballing (102.13)

102.13 SYNOPSIS:  Ben spitballs with Michaela trying to make sense of why Cal’s life is being threatened while he is trying to help someone else’s kid.

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Ben thanks Michaela

Scene switches to Ben’s kitchen where TV is on in the background.

KELLY: [ON TV] Of course we were confused.

MICHAELA: What, you cook now? Just when I thought things couldn’t get any stranger.

BEN: Hey, thanks for the jail hookup.

Ben keeps Michaela informed

MICHAELA: How is Radd’s son?

BEN: His face is bashed in. It’s not safe in there.

MICHAELA: Yeah, well, if he gets convicted and goes upstate, the place he’s at now is gonna seem like a country club.

BEN: I so want this kid to be innocent for his father’s sake. Hey, can you pull the file and see if the cops or D.A. cut some corners?

MICHAELA: So it’s the the police’s fault?

BEN: I’m just spit-balling here.

Definition of Spitballing

Spit-balling means to shoot ideas out in the open, to make suggestions loosely (often going against common logic)

Ben seeks understanding

BEN: Doesn’t seem fair that that flight may have saved my kid’s life but threatened someone else’s.

MICHAELA: You heard something like last time.

BEN: Not exactly. But whatever that was, whatever this is, I’ve got to get to the bottom of it.

MICHAELA: No, Ben, not everything is a puzzle that you have to solve.

BEN: It isn’t about solving a puzzle. This is understanding what my life has become — our lives. If we can’t answer that, we’re never gonna be able to get back to normal.

MICHAELA: Have you told Grace?

BEN: No. She has enough going on.

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