Cal’s Family Portrait (102.15)

102.15 SYNOPSIS:  Kelly Taylor, a passenger, talks to the media on the TV, while Ben and Saanvi share there experiences since returning. Ben notices that Cal has drawn a family portrait with a mysterious shadow figure in the background. In the parking garage of the news station, a shadowy figure watches Kelly get into her car.

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Kelly speaks to the media

Scene shifts to cancer clinic waiting room.

KELLY [ON TV]: They said it was the electrolytes, but who knows what was really in there?

NETWORK REPORTER: Are you saying you think the government drugged you?

KELLY: I’m just trying to own my truth. I don’t know for sure what happened, but I’m beginning to think that they didn’t tell us everything that was going on. They gave us stuff to eat and drink from a box.

Ben and Saanvi speak to one another

Saanvi enters the waiting room.

BEN: I’ll be right back.

SAANVI: What’s up?

BEN: I, um God, this is gonna sound nuts. But you did come back to the plane, too, so I’m guessing you’re already questioning your sanity.

SAANVI: I’m questioning a lot of things.

BEN: Have you been hearing music?

SAANVI: You mean, like, in my head? I haven’t heard any music, but I’ve had a similar feeling more than once since we’ve been back.

BEN: Yeah, well, at least I know I’m not going crazy. [CHUCKLES]

SAANVI: Or at least you’re not the only one.

Cal shows Ben his drawing



Saanvi walks toward Cal who is drawing and seated in a chair.

SAANVI: Hey, dude. Family portrait?

Ben sits down next to his son.

CAL: Yep. Me with no cancer, my mom and dad, my sister.

Cal is erasing someone.

From What was First Thought to What May Be?

At first, it seemed obvious that the shadowy figure in Ben’s picture of his family was the mysterious man Grace started hooking up with while Ben and Cal  were gone all those years. But now, after [what happened at the end of the episode], we’re not quite so sure. Suddenly, it looks quite sinister…


BEN: Who’s that?

CAL: I don’t know.

SAANVI: You ready?

CAL: Yep.

SAANVI: All right, let’s go.

Ben looks at the picture, and the area where Cal had erased now appears to be a shadowy figure standing behind Grace. Scene then shifts to a parking garage where Kelly is walking and then getting into her car. On the wall, a shadow is cast of someone watching her.

Who or what is It?

No one seems to react with anything other than mild curiosity to the creepy sketch, and Cal himself barely registers that he even drew it. With all the talk between Ben and Michaela about supernatural or divine forces, could Cal be in touch with the entity behind their strange time jump? We did have that scene last week when the plane blew up and the boy’s eyes flew open while he laid in bed. Shows like Manifest do tend to give children stronger connections to whatever mystical happenings are going on around them, and the woman on the street who shouted, “He is risen!” did seem to focus specifically on Cal.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)

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