Cleanup (102.1)

102.1 SYNOPSIS:  While firefighters are hosing down the plane, the NSA detains the passengers and asks why they were there at the fence. When Michaela says that they have no legal basis to detain them any longer, she gets everyone released, and they are told not to talk to the media.

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Looking for hot spots




CABLE NEWS REPORTER: Just four days after its bewildering reappearance, Montego Air Flight 828 is no more.

BRITISH NEWS REPORTER: Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident. The aeroplane, which first mystified the world after it disappeared in April 2013

NETWORK NEWS REPORTER: The plane exploded shortly after midnight here on the tarmac at Stewart Airport. Cause unknown. Sources close to the investigation say a group of the plane’s passengers were spotted on surveillance camera.

FIREFIGHTER 1: There’s more hot spots.

FIREFIGHTER 2: Can you see them?

FIREFIGHTER 1: Yes, sir.

FIREFIGHTER 2: Knock those down.

Looking for Adio

RADD: [JAMAICAN ACCENT] You don’t understand. My son is in jail. I’ve been trying to find him for three days. They say I have to call him now, this minute. He doesn’t even know I’m alive.

Looking for answers

Government agent yells out a number.


Michaela returns from being interviewed, and sits down next to her brother. Kelly and other passengers sit near them.

BEN: What’d you tell him?

MICHAELA: That I don’t know anything.

BEN: Good. You don’t. We want to stay far off their radar.

Staying Off the Government’s Radar?

Ben’s trying to keep them off of the government’s radar. Pretty sure that ship sailed 5 years ago, then landed 4 days ago, then exploded last night. Fireworks couldn’t put them more on the radar. But Ben is going to fight for anonymity and normalcy to his very last breath…


DALY: But aren’t you seeing things, hearing things in your head? They think it’s my fault. They always blame the pilot.

Ben shakes his head “no” at Michaela discouraging her to speak with the captain.

Ben’s Cold Shoulder Toward Pilot

That was cold. Poor guy had the worst of it during the flight, and is getting the worst of it now. He needs a strong savior ally. But there’s no voice compelling Ben to support Bill, so he won’t do the right thing.


Scene switches to an interview room.

PASSENGER: Look, pal. I don’t know how else to say it. I had an urge to see the plane, I showed up, kaboom.

DIRECTOR VANCE: How exactly did 20 people have the same urge?

PASSENGER: I sell sporting goods. The hell you asking me for?

Looking for friends


Meanwhile, back in the seating area…

SAANVI: Hi. I’m Saanvi Bahl. You’re Cal’s family?

BEN: Ben Stone. This is my sister, Michaela.How do you know Cal?

SAANVI: I’m a doctor. I do cancer research. Cal’s new treatment came from work I was doing before the plane disappeared.

BEN: You were on the flight?

SAANVI: I know. It’s some coincidence, if any of this can be a coincidence.

Looking to go home


MICHAELA: Sir, what is our status here? Are we under arrest?

POWELL: No, you’re merely detained.

MICHAELA: Actually, we’re not. I’m NYPD. I know how this works.

POWELL: We’ve told you everything that we know, so if we’re not under arrest, then you need to let us go.

Powell says nothing, and departs.

BEN: And radar signal established.

DIRECTOR VANCE: Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve given your statements, you’re free to go. However, the events surrounding Flight 828 are a matter of national security. You’re instructed to observe a strict media blackout. Discuss this matter with no one. Not reporters, not your families. No one.

Kelly exits walking past Ben and Michaela.

KELLY: You could’ve played the cop card eight hours ago.

MICHAELA: Oh, you’re you’re welcome.

DIRECTOR VANCE (to POWELL): I want eyes on all of them.

Scene shifts to outside.


MICHAELA: Drop me at the precinct?

BEN: Yeah, after we swing by the house. Grace must be worried to death.

MICHAELA: I’ll take the train, papa bear.

BEN: Hey, not a word to anyone.

MICHAELA: ‘Cause NSA guy said so?

BEN: No, because it’s safer that way. We’re obviously scapegoats here. And until we figure out what happened to us, I don’t trust anyone.

They approach a gate where reporters are stationed.

REPORTER: What did it feel like?


RADD: You were on that plane. My friend, are you also police like the woman?

BEN: Uh, uh, no.

RADD: Perhaps you can help anyway.

REPORTER: What can you tell us about what happened?

Ben continues to walk, and tries to get away from the reporters.

RADD: Sir, please, please. Please. Help me.Please, sir, I need your help.

Reporters surround Radd, while Ben is able to escape.

REPORTER: Do you have any comment so far?

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