Clinic Check-in (102.4)

102.4 SYNOPSIS:  Ben introduces Grace to Saanvi, who is treating Cal, and whom he met earlier at the airport.  Grace wants to tell Ben something, but cannot bring herself to tell him.

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Cal, the artist

Scene switches to the waiting room at the cancer clinic where Cal is sitting on the floor drawing, Ben is standing in front of television, and Grace is reading.

REPORTER ON TV: A hollow shell is all that remains of Montego Air Flight 828. While multiple government agencies survey the wreckage and look for clues…

CAL (to GRACE): Do you have any different-colored pens?

GRACE: Uh, no, but we can get you a whole bunch at the store. Sketchpad, like you had, the works.

CAL: Okay.

Saanvi, the doctor

/CELLPHONE RINGS, CLICKS/ Grace looks at it; SAANVI walks into the waiting room.

SAANVI: Hey, guys.

BEN: Honey, this is, uh, the doctor I told you about.

GRACE: Nice to meet you.

SAANVI: Oh, hi, there.

GRACE: You all being on the plane together, it’s miraculous.

SAANVI: Yeah, so my parents say. They’ve been praying at every meal. But right now, I’m gonna focus my energy on this guy. You ready for round two, buddy?

CAL: Yep.

BEN: See you, bud.

GRACE: Get ’em.

SAANVI: Later, Mom and Dad.

Points on a Continuum

I find it interesting that the three main passenger characters are sort of points on a continuum.

  • Ben is an almost pure materialist, and is certain he can figure everything out;
  • Michaela has been more or less running on faith ever since the plane landed.
  • Saanvi is right in the middle: she’s a scientist and looks at things analytically, but she also accepts that there are things happening to her and the other passengers that science can’t explain.

I get the impression from a couple of passing remarks in previous episodes that her parents are observantly religious, and this has rubbed off on her to at least some degree.

SOURCE: Baby M at Doux Reviews

Grace, the caterer


BEN: Need to take that?

GRACE: No, it’s just a work thing. I’m catering this office party, and the client’s always checking in.

BEN: [SIGHS] Of course. I keep forgetting. My wife, the entrepreneur.


Ben, the unemployed

BEN: Look, you must have a ton to take care of, so why don’t I take a walk?

GRACE: No, no, no. You don’t…

BEN: I can make some job-search calls, and we can meet later back home. I’ll take tomorrow’s shift. I’ll call you later.

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