Days or Years? (102.6)

ON DAY 6—Michaela describes to the psychiatrist all that she if feeling who then tells her she can return to work. Afterwards, Michaela takes a call from Ben who needs her help so he can visit Adio in jail.

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Michaela gets drilled by psychiatrist

Scene shifts to a psychiatrist’s office.

DR. BORTEL: I’ve been through your file. Seems like your world turned upside down five months before you got on that plane.

MICHAELA: My friend died. We had a car accident.

DR. BORTEL: You were the driver and you’d been drinking? That would weigh heavily on anyone.

MICHAELA: Well, there was an investigation, and I was exonerated.

DR. BORTEL: But still put on desk duty.

Michaela wants her old job back

MICHAELA: Yeah, I couldn’t drive. I wasn’t ready. I didn’t want to. What-What exactly is the point here?

DR. BORTEL: I’m trying to help you process the magnitude of changes in your life in the last five years.

MICHAELA: Last four days.

DR. BORTEL: That’s my point. To absorb so much change in so little time. You don’t have to hide your emotions. I’m on your side.

MICHAELA: Due respect, but you’re not. Look, I know the drill here. I break down and you mark me unfit for duty, but I am okay. So how about letting me get back to the one thing that I do have left, my job? [INHALES DEEPLY]

DR. BORTEL: [PEN SCRIBBLES] I’ll need to see you again.

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