Faith vs. Science (102.16)

102.16 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela shares a police report to Ben about Adio and they begin to debate about faith and science. Ben then tells Michaela he feels like a stranger in his own house.

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Adio’s police record

Scene shifts to hallway outside room where Cal is receiving his cancer treatment. It has a glass wall. Michaela and Ben are watching Cal.

MICHAELA Police work checks out, Ben. Adio was the only one on duty. I mean, he said he was attacked, but there’s no signs of forced entry and other than the ding on his head.

BEN: You think he’s lying.

MICHAELA: No, I don’t know what to think, but the kid had 12 grand stashed in his apartment and he’s got a record. I mean—

BEN: Shoplifting, jumping turnstiles? This is minor stuff.

MICHAELA: Yeah, but it’s what a jury will look at and say, “That kid’s heading the wrong direction.”

The verdict is out

BEN: [SIGHS] There has to be more I can do. I mean, why else would I have been drawn in?

MICHAELA: Okay, science boy. Mom was the one who believed in miracles.

BEN: Forget miracles. Every day Adio is in there, his life is in danger.

MICHAELA: Yeah, well, Mom would also say, “God works in mysterious ways.”

Faith and science debate

In crossing the two topics of faith and science throughout the show, Jeff Rake, the creator of “Manifest,” dives into something people normally shy away from. “That debate is as old as time itself. It’s really the ultimate debate in human history: faith vs. science,” Rake told USA Today. “I challenge myself in every episode to tell the story of what would really happen if something this extraordinary ever occurred.”

SOURCE: Lindsay Elizabeth (FAITHWIRE)

BEN: You know, you can stop goading me any time now. I’m not convinced God has anything to do with this. You think God wanted Jared to marry your best friend instead of you? [PAUSE] That was a terrible thing to say. [SIGHS]

MICHAELA: And yet kind of a fair question.

BEN: I’m one to talk. Olive barely looks me in the eye, Grace is trying, but I still feel like a stranger in my own home.

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True believer or devil’s advocate?

It’s interesting that Michaela, the cop, the one that we would traditionally expect to follow the evidence and abhor the concept of coincidence, seems to be the true believer. Or maybe she’s just playing devil’s advocate.

SOURCE: Elizabeth Harlow (TV FANATIC)

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