Government Roundtable (102.12)

102.12 SYNOPSIS:  Government officials discuss different theories as to what happened to the plane. Vance says that the 20 people who watched the plane explode are the key to finding an answer.

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Officials point to different theories

DIRECTOR VANCE: [SIGHS] Now, at this point, we have no evidence of passenger or crew involvement in the explosion. But that said, we continue to suspect some nexus between—

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WILLICK: Director Vance, if I may. The explosion is a bit beside the point. Where did that plane go for 5 1/2 years?

WOMAN: Theories abound. We could be talking about a wormhole, about some kind of extraterrestrial encounter.

WILLICK: But more to the point, are we in danger? Was the plane targeted by some kind of weapon?

DIRECTOR HUGHES: Or is it the weapon? Do we even know if those are the same people that were on that plane in 2013?

Vance points to the passengers

WOMAN: We’ve tested comprehensive samples of the passengers and haven’t detected any anomalies.

DIRECTOR HUGHES: This is national security we’re talking about. They should be incarcerated until we can determine whether or not they’re a threat.

DIRECTOR VANCE: Director Hughes, this is still America. These people have rights. I-I suspect if anyone has answers, it’s someone on that plane, most likely someone we found standing 100 yards away when it blew to bits, which leaves 20 people.

Why only 20? Where are the Other 171?

Why are only twenty people affected by the powers? There were 191 people on board the flight but only twenty are connected. Surely this is not some super lazy writing that whittles down an insurmountable cast count from 191 to 20. There seems to be an emphasis on symmetry with the flight number and our affected returnees. 191 is not an even number but 20 certainly is. I would discount this theory completely if the show hadn’t been so intent with hitting us over the head with important numbers in the last episode.


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2 thoughts on “Government Roundtable (102.12)

  1. Maybe the plane is in real time and the rest of the world was accelerated by five plus years. lol

    I really don’t want it to be aliens, but I’d take that over some kind of spiritual/god explanation.

    I do like the idea that the plane was already part of an experiment. Having Ben, Mick and Cal as last minute additions is most interesting in this scenario. Did they need more subjects? Did they anticipate those three coming on board? Did their addition screw everything up? I would guess the later, and that they weren’t supposed to be added to the flight and once they were something went wrong. Obviously Cal is the linchpin. I’d guess something to do with his cancer. So now the experimenters want to figure out why.

    IDK. So far nothing really makes sense and I do fear we’re going to get some spiritual s**t about how we are all connected and we all need to come together blah blah for the greater good. Which, while a good message, we should all be more understanding and whatnot, I don’t need a sci-fi-ish show telling me this through stupid voices telling morons to blindly do weird things to save each other.

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  2. I do not think they would do it, but it just occurred to me that this show is somewhat perfectly set up for:

    1. The plane was stolen by aliens
    2. The passengers were studied or modified in some way
    3. The aliens invade
    4. The passengers are supposed to be their ambassadors
    5. They are torn between are the aliens intentions are good or evil
    6. Some work with them and others start a resistance

    If I were show runner, I’d turn season 1 into a prologue for a show like V, Falling Skies, or War of the Worlds.

    And that may be because I need to update my go to “you think that is out of nowhere and couldn’t happen” phrase from “and then the aliens abducted the submarine and took it to outer space” to something more contemporary.

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