Cal’s Dragon (102.21)

102.21 SYNOPSIS:  While unpacking his toys, Cal finds his favorite stuffed animal, Art the Dragon. Olive confronts her mom about how she is not willing to let go, the very thing she accused Olive of doing.

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Cal gets what he wants

Scene shifts to Cal’s bedroom where Olive is putting up one of Cal’s poster’s she had put away in the storage locker. It is New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, who after 20 years with the New York Yankees retired in 2014. Ben and Grace are standing at the door.

GRACE [to BEN]: [WHISPERING] Jeter retired.

BEN: [SIGHS] We’ll tell him next season.

BEN: [TO CAL] Hey, take it easy, pal. You don’t have to unpack it all tonight.

CAL: I just want to find… Art!

Cal gives his stuffed dragon a big hug.

BEN: [CHUCKLES] There he is.

Ben gets down on the floor with his son.

BEN: What else we got here? You know, you have your sister to thank for this. She saved it all for you. Let’s see. [SIGHS] [OBJECTS CLATTERING] What’s that do?


Grace can’t have what she wants

Grace and Olive move out into the hallway.

GRACE: You did this?

OLIVE: You made me feel crazy for not letting go, but I was right, and I’m right this time. Only this time, you’re the one who needs to let go.


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