Out of Place (102.22)

102.22 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela visits Lourdes who says she feels like a fraud or the second choice for having married Jared, but Michaela tells her  she was going to give the ring back after she returned even though in a flashback it’s revealed that she was going to say yes.

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Michaela visits Lourdes

Scene switches to front porch of Jared and Lourdes’ house.

MICHAELA: Hi. Sorry. Is now a good time?

LOURDES: Sure. Jared’s at work.

MICHAELA: Already knew that.

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LOURDES: Want to come in?

MICHAELA: No, that’s okay. I have to be somewhere. I just wanted to, um I saw your posts online. All of them. Thank you. You never stopped being my best friend.

LOURDES: I hope that doesn’t have to change.

MICHAELA: Let’s play that one by ear, okay?

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LOURDES: Michaela, I never meant to. If I’d known that you were-

MICHAELA: What, that I was gonna come back from the dead? I’m the one who’s out of place.

LOURDES: You’re not. This isn’t on you.

MICHAELA: It’s okay, Lou. You love him.

LOURDES: So do you.

MICHAELA: But you’re the one he married. Of course I bless this. How could I not?

LOURDES: Thank you. I’ve I’ve spent all these years trying not to feel like a fraud, you know? You were the one he was supposed to marry.

MICHAELA: No. No, after everything that happened. The-the accident, Evie;  it was too intertwined. There was There was too much pain. I was gonna give the ring back. I was coming back to say no. You’re not a fraud. Let it go. Come here. [SNIFFLES]

They hug.

Who was Evie to Jared?

Earlier we learned that the accident that killed Evie happened five months before the flight with Michaela driving. [And now Michaela says]  that Evie’s death was all too intertwined with Jared and she was going to return the ring…So who was Evie to Jared? Was it his sister, another family member? Jared was still wanting to marry Michaela when the plane took off, so it wasn’t something so awful he couldn’t get past it. In what way was Evie intertwined with their relationship, and how much longer are we going to have to wait to find out who she was and what the hell happened?


Michaela revisits the landing


BETHANY: Yes, we did, people. Welcome to New York, where local time is 11:49 p.m. On behalf of your flight crew, we’d like to thank you all for flying Montego Air.

Michaela puts her engagement ring back on her finger.

She then gets her cell phone out and reads text Jared had sent before she departed Jamaica.

JARED TEXT: You marrying me or what???? She begins entering her text.


PHONE ALERT: Send Failure. This message to Jared failed to send.

MICHAELA: Seriously? No service?

BEN: Same.


Out of Date

….when Michaela tried to text Jared that she would totally marry him, only her cell phone’s service plan was five years out of date so it never went through.


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