Reentry (102.23)

102.23 SYNOPSIS:  Ben pleads to Grace to give their marriage a second chance. Radd and Adio embrace after he is released from jail. Jared opens a large envelope containing the ring he gave Michaela.

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Ben and Grace find comfort


Scene shifts of Ben and Grace’s Bedroom.

GRACE: I’m so sorry. That wasn’t Olive’s secret to tell. I can’t believe she would-

BEN: She did it for her brother. Olive is an amazing young woman. You’ve done an incredible job, and I can’t imagine how hard that was. And I don’t- [PAUSE] It doesn’t matter where you found the strength or with whom.

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GRACE: All I wanted for so long was to have you and Cal back, but it was a want that hurt so much that I had to let it go.

BEN: I know. But I never had to. I still love you so damn much, it hurts. And I know your love for me is out of practice, more like a memory but we have a second chance. Please remember.

🎵 Oh, for once in my 🎵
🎵 Oh, for once in my life 🎵

Ben’s Plea for Grace to Remember

When Ben implores Grace to “please remember,” the power of his pleading makes us hope for a healing of their divide, even though we know full well the other man won’t give up without a fight, especially since his identity is being kept enticingly secret.

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Danny is Not Going to Disappear

Just because Ben now knows that Grace had been seeing another man doesn’t mean that we should expect this story to evaporate. Even though she took her husband to bed, she hasn’t actually broken things off with the mystery man. The relationship was serious enough that Olive felt comfortable sharing a secret from her mother with him, so this was no fling. Honestly, it’s surprising that this guy wasn’t living with the Stone ladies.


Radd and Adio find comfort

Scene shifts to ADIO being released from jail. He and his dad, RADD, embrace.

🎵 Could just something go 🎵
🎵 Could just something go right? 🎵

Jared finds comfort

JARED, who is at his desk in the police station, opens an oversized envelope with his name on it. Michaela has given him back his engagement ring.

🎵 Oh, for once in my Oh, for once in my life 🎵
🎵 I’ve been waiting all my life 🎵
🎵I’ve been waiting all my life 🎵

Scene shifts to Grace and Ben. GRACE strips off her clothes and BEN does the same. They are about to kiss…


Ben as True Leader

In the first episode, Saanvi saved Cal, Michaela saved the Pyler girls, and Grace kept her family together while the plane was missing, but all will need a true leader to show them the way, in the form of a blonde, blue-eyed, 6 foot tall, white man. Once Ben gets past his 40 days of wandering in the desert, denying his true nature, he’ll accept that this is who he’s meant to be and become the wise, compassionate all-father of the Flight 828 community. Grace, who is, you know, full of grace, or in other words, Holy Spirit, has already anointed and sanctified him.


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3 thoughts on “Reentry (102.23)

  1. 1. Grace is sorry Olive led Ben to the storage unit. Sorry about what? Getting caught? Olive is a squealer?

    2.She tells Ben that the “want” it hurt so much that she had to let it go. Let it go? She constantly tells Ben that she wished “very day” that he was home.

    3. The look on her face when she starts to undress looks more like a women who is afraid than whose love light is turned on. He wants the marriage to work and keeps making excuses for her, but thus far it is dong no good.

    4. Think of the pictures in Ben’s mind about her and Danny’s intimate relations. I know – no fault. BUT the images are still there.

  2. Not Olive’s secret to tell? What’s grace worrying about?

    2. Grace had a “want” that hurt so much she had to let it go, yet she constantly tells Ben that she wished “every day” he and Cal were home.

    3.The look on her face while starting to undress doesn’t look like the love light is on.

    4. I know — no fault. BUT Ben’s mental picture of Grace being intimate with somebody will arise in his mind. That’ll take a long time to fade. Yet, Ben is working his heart out to make this marriage work.

  3. @Jeff Rake.

    “Love these two together too”

    Obviously, you must mean how these two consummate professionals magnificently perform in their acting roles. I agree that both are absolutely great when it comes to portraying their respective characters.

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