Need for Vigilance (102.10)

102.10 SYNOPSIS:  Grace is worried about Cal’s safety, but Ben reassures her saying they are safe because a police officer lives in the house.

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Grace points to the crazy lady

Scene switches to Ben and Grace’s house later that day.

BEN: Tell me exactly what she said.

GRACE: I wasn’t focusing on the words. I don’t remember. I-Just it was scary.

BEN: But he’s fine?

GRACE: As fine as can be expected after chemo and a crazy lady praying in your face.

BEN: We will get past this soon enough. I’m gonna figure it out.

GRACE: I love your problem-solving mind, but I need to know that Cal is going to be safe.

Ben points to the cop in the house

BEN: This’ll die down. We just need to be extra vigilant until it does.

GRACE: And what if it doesn’t? You’ve seen the news. The whole world is obsessing over us. People can go online and find out where we live.

BEN: We will be okay. I mean, come on. We got a cop that lives in our house.

Willpower is Not the Answer

For Cal and Olivia’s sake, I hope he’s not too wrong. He thinks he can force the world to realign itself into his concept of normal through sheer willpower. I doubt that stalkers and kidnappers will pay much attention to his willpower.


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