Out of Business (102.9)

102.9 SYNOPSIS:  Radd and Ben meet the owner  of the  jewelry store who is going out of business. The owner’s son is helping him pack up things.

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Ben meets Mr. Valero

Scene switches to a jewelry store.

/BELL DINGS/ Ben and Radd enter the store.

MR. VALERO: Everything left’s in the, uh, far case.

Mr. Valero is the owner. His son, Blake, is at another counter behind him.

BEN: Actually, we’re here about Adio.

MR. VALERO: We still doing this? What happened to the last detectives?

BEN: Uh, we’re not the police. This is Adio’s father.

MR. VALERO: You got some nerve walking in here. He cleaned me out… entire inventory. 41 years up in smoke. Some son you raised.

RADD: You…


Ben meets Blake Valero

BLAKE: Sorry. My dad’s actually a good guy.

RADD: And so is my son.

BLAKE: Look, I don’t know what to think. I mean, we didn’t even know Adio was his name until the cops said so. Turned out, he gave us a fake I.D., fake job references. So when everything disappears, no tripped alarm, he’s the only one here?

Background to Adio’s Problems

Adio’s visa must have run out when Radd’s visa ran out, and he couldn’t renew it without his father. He became an illegal alien and couldn’t legally get a job to support himself, so he used fake papers that allowed him to work.

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