Kelly is Murdered (102.24)

102.24 SYNOPSIS:  While Kelly is watching herself on television news, a shadowy figure can be seen behind her, and then we hear a gun shot as Kelly’s blood splatters onto the television screen.

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A shadowy figure looms


At the end of the music montage in the last scene, we see Cal’s drawing with the shadowy figure lurking in the backroom. The scene then shifts to Kelly’s living room. She is sitting on a chair drinking a glass of red wine watching herself on the news. Behind her, on the wall is a shadow moving against the wall.

Camera angle shifts to the television set. The banner on the bottom of the screen reads: FLIGHT 828: GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY?

KELLY [ON TV]: When they let us go, they told us we weren’t supposed to talk, but I know my rights. And now that I’ve spoken up, I think they’re watching me.

Kelly has a slight smile on her face. The shadow looms larger.

Blood splatters all over the TV

KELLY [ON TV]: I’m telling you, I think the government is behind this.


Blood splatters across the TV screen. As it drips down, Kelly continues to speak on the news program.

KELLY [ON TV]: I mean, if I’m supposed to own my truth, don’t you think they should, too?



What is the larger objective?

but that doesn’t mean the government took her out. It does mean, however, that the forces behind the plane’s disappearance might not be as Godly as Michaela and some others might want. Sure, the FBI and the U.S. government is an obvious suspect in the woman’s death, but it would have to be a rogue agent or agency. Director Vance (Daryl Edwards), who is heading up the overall investigation, was pretty clear that these people still have rights. But this death is certainly going to shake things up and scare people. So was she killed just for speaking out, or is there a larger objective?


Things may not be as they appear

The idea that there’s a benevolent, divine presence behind 828’s disappearance was pretty much shot to hell along with Kelly. Although maybe shot is the wrong word here. My first assumption was that somebody put a bullet through her brain, but we never actually saw how she met her end, just as we didn’t see who exactly offed her. The shadowy presence who followed her home is undoubtedly menacing, and the fact that the same presence is showing up in Cal’s drawings of his future is more than a little alarming.

SOURCE: TV FANATIC (Elizabeth Harlow)

Now there are 19

Someone or something shot her and blew up the plane. Are those one and the same person? Is this just one more red herring that will turn out to be an evil government organization or rogue corporation with more money and smarts than scruples, or as the grabby woman on the street suggested a hellish hitchhiker from the great beyond? It is very obvious that someone or something wants the twenty (now nineteen) survivors to keep it zipped, but why? Surely if the intent was to save people and right wrongs they wouldn’t also cause massive explosions and shoot people, right?


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