Ben Follows the Music (102.19)

102.19 SYNOPSIS:  Although Grace has bought new LEGO sets for Cal, he  wants his own stuff back. Olive takes Ben to a storage facility where she has kept Cal’s toys and tells him she knew that one day he would come back. When Ben discovers scuba flippers Olive tells him about Grace’s secret. He then starts hearing the music again and finds Blake, the jeweler’s son, with a locker full of the stolen jewelry.

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Cal’s discomfort grows

Scene shifts to Ben’s living room after he and Cal enter the front door and greet Grace.

BEN: Hey.

GRACE: How was your day?

BEN: Good.

GRACE: Hey, check it out. Every comfy t-shirt and cool LEGO set on the planet Earth.

CAL: Thanks, Mom.


GRACE: Is everything okay?

CAL: It’s fine.

BEN: What’s up, buddy?

CAL: I miss my stuff. My rock collection, Art the Dragon.

BEN: Oh, Cal, listen. It’s okay to be sad. I get sad sometimes, too.

CAL: I just want everything back the way it was.

GRACE: Aw, sweetie, I know, I know.

Olive comes to the rescue

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OLIVE: Dad, can we take that ride now?

Scene shifts to a storage locker facility. Ben and Olive are walking through a hallway. On each side are garage doors.

OLIVE: After two years or so, the house was exactly the same. It was like this sad museum and the shrink said we needed to let go and Mom was a wreck and I-

BEN: Honey, if you weren’t a wreck anymore after two years, I’d say that sounded pretty healthy.


OLIVE: Wasn’t it. I knew Cal wasn’t dead.

BEN: You did?

OLIVE: I don’t know if it was some kind of twin thing, but I could I could feel him alive. And the therapist, the counselors at school, Mom, everyone blew it off, blew me off, but I knew.

BEN: Okay. Does this connect to why we’re in a pretty gross-smelling storage facility on Long Island?

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OLIVE: Mom listened to the shrink, okay? Sh-She packed all your and Cal’s stuff away in boxes, left on the curb for Salvation Army and then went to work. I called, and I cancelled the pickup.

They arrive at locker/garage 1234.

BEN: Well, if you’ve had his stuff all this time, why didn’t you say something?

OLIVE: It’s complicated. Mom doesn’t know about any of this.

A touching moment of the episode

One of the most touching moments of the episode came from Olive, who always felt Cal was still alive during those five years and kept her brother’s things. In the end, the emotional moments are more powerful than the metaphysical questions. [e.g  his [earlier] discomfort with his new clothes and his insistence that the Legos his mom bought weren’t quite right… indicat[ing] some sort of trouble related to the time jump.]

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)
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Ben’s discomfort grows

Ben discovers scuba flippers.

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BEN: [SIGHS] [SIGHS] Olive, whose locker is this? [PAUSE} Olive?

OLIVE: Friend of mom’s, all right?

BEN: “Friend.”

Olive comes to the rescue


BEN: Okay. Come here.

They hug.

BEN: You did the right thing. [SIGHS]

Ben hears music


GRACE: Hey, are you are you okay?

BEN: Stay here, okay? Stay here.


Ben walks through storage facility hallway, desperately trying to figure where the music is leading him.


Ben comes to the rescue



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MAN’S VOICE: Hello? Y-Yeah, meet me in the back.

Ben approaches an open garage and notices that the voice belongs to Mr. Valero’s son, Blake.

BLAKE: Yeah, uh, watches, diamond rings, bracelets. Fine. Yeah. I’ll take 10, but you got to get this stuff out of state.
People are looking for it.”

Blake notices Ben.

BLAKE: Whoa. How did you- W-It’s not what it looks like.

BEN: You robbed your own father and blamed Adio>

BLAKE: You can take half of this. Seriously. Come on. I mean, that kid was going nowhere. He was just a—

Ben punches him in the mouth. [GRUNTS] [BREATHING HEAVILY]

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