Stranger in the House I (102.2)

102.2 SYNOPSIS:  Ben brings home a blueberry scone for Grace who is embarrassed when Ben sees her half dressed. In the kitchen, Ben hears music playing. No one else does. Olive confronts her mom about telling Ben the truth.

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Grace’s discomfort

Scene shifts to Ben and Grace’s bedroom. Grace is looking in closet for a top to wear when Ben enters the bedroom.


BEN: Just me.

GRACE: What happened? You were at the airport when the plane exploded?

BEN: We went back to get our luggage. It was a big misunderstanding. We’re okay.

GRACE: Sorry. I’m sorry. I-I’m a little self-conscious. We were supposed to grow old and flabby together.

BEN: Well, for the record, you look amazing. [CHUCKLES] Brought your favorite.

Ben holds out a small brown paper bag, and gives it to Grace.

GRACE: [GASPS] Orlando’s. [CHUCKLES] My God. That smell. I had completely forgotten.

BEN: Well, I kind of dropped the ball on my weekly blueberry-scone run. By my calculation, I owe you 291 of these – [GRACE CHUCKLES] – give or take.

GRACE: Thank you.

They begin to kiss, but are interrupted by Cal.

CAL: I can’t find my toothbrush.

BEN: Uh, hey, bud.

CAL: Mine had Batman on it.

GRACE:You know what? I got you a whole pack of cool ones. Come on.

The Characters Have a Lot of Baggage

I suppose it makes sense that if your passenger plane disappears for five-and-a-half years, you’re going to emerge on the other side with a lot of baggage. That’s the theme of Manifest in “Re-entry”, as the ill-fated passengers of Flight 828 attempt to rearrange the pieces of their lives after an inexplicable event that may have set a skulking smoke monster on their trails.

SOURCE: Ready Steady Cut! (Jonathan Wilson)

Ben’s discomfort

Scene switches to the kitchen, where Ben enters. Olive is making coffee.

REPORTER ON TV: Religious leaders and scientists alike grapple with the mystery of Montego Air Flight 828.

BEN: Coffee? Really? So that’s what 16-year-olds are doing.

OLIVE: It’s mostly milk and sugar.

BEN: Hey, so, I’ve been thinking. Maybe after school, we could hang out a bit, you know, catch up. I want to hear about, you know, everything.

OLIVE: I have practice, and I fell pretty behind in my homework last week. Maybe tomorrow.

BEN: Great. Whenever.


BEN: What is that?

OLIVE: What?

BEN: That music. You don’t You don’t hear that?

OLIVE: Maybe Alexa acting up in the den.

BEN: Who’s Alexa?

Cal’s discomfort

Grace and Cal enter the kitchen.

GRACE (to CAL): Sweetie, it fits. It’s just a narrower cut. I think you look cool. After treatment, we’ll go shopping, okay?

CAL: I just feel weird in this.

BEN: Come on. Let’s see if we can go drum up something a little less weird-feeling.

What’s with Cal’s Discomfort?

At first, [Cal’s] discomfort with his new clothes and his insistence that the Legos his mom bought weren’t quite right seemed like they might indicate some sort of trouble related to the time jump. But it turns out, he just missed his old stuff and wanted the reassurance of the familiar.

SOURCE: Michael Ahr (Den of Geek TV)

Olive’s discomfort

Ben and Cal leave the kitchen.

OLIVE: Did you tell him yet?

GRACE: I will. Soon.

OLIVE: Mom, this isn’t cool. He deserves to know.

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