Stranger in the House II (102.14)

102.14 SYNOPSIS:  Olive says no when Ben invites her to go for ice cream after dinner.  Ben has a flashback to when Cal and Olive are young. Ben notices a mark on Grace’s back which she says came from scuba diving. The next morning, Michaela overhears Grace have a conversation with her presumed new partner and  then confronts her but Grace tells her she hasn’t decided who she wants to be with.

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Cal’s discomfort revisited

Scene switches to living room where Cal is on the floor with his mom looking at the toys he bought earlier.

CAL: These aren’t the same.

GRACE: [SIGHS] Really? Well, we can try another store tomorrow.

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BEN: All right, dinner’s ready. Olive!

Cal give dad a high five after standing up to go to kitchen.

BEN: Up high.

GRACE: It smells incredible.

Olive walks down the stairs, as Graces heads into kitchen.

Ben’s discomfort revisited

BEN: Hey, how about after dinner, we go for an old-school ice-cream run? [CHUCKLES] You still like ice cream, right?

OLIVE: I’ve got to study. Soon.


Scene shifts to Ben and Grace’s bedroom as he prepares for bed. He picks up a framed family portrait from the dresser.


Ben and Grace kissing and embracing under the covers. [SIGHS] [TICKING] [CHILDREN LAUGHING] A very much younger Cal and Grace enter the room. Ben reaches down and grabs Cal.

BEN: Ah! Ah, come here.

The children jump onto the bed.

GRACE: [LAUGHTER] You are supposed to be in bed!

Ben raises Cal’s stuffed dragon over his head.

BEN: Grr! Rawr!

Everyone seems to be having a good time.


Grace enters bedroom wearing her nightgown.

BEN: My God, we’re the parents of a teenage girl.

GRACE: Be thankful you missed puberty.


Grace’s discomfort revisited

They climb into bed, and Ben notices a mark on the back of Grace’s shoulder.

GRACE: Ouch.

BEN: How’d that happen?

GRACE: Oh. Scuba diving, actually.

BEN: Excuse me? How many times did I want us to try diving?

GRACE: [CHUCKLES] Well, I tried it. Turns out, it leaves a mark.

BEN: Okay, well, you can teach me.

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Michaela’s discovery

Scene switches to the next morning. Grace is looking out the window talking on the phone.

GRACE: You know how hard this is. It hasn’t even been a week. Of course I do. [SIGHS DEEPLY] I will. Bye.


Michaela is standing behind her.

MICHAELA: You too. Do I know him? [GRACE SHAKES HER HEAD] Does Ben?

GRACE: No. Mick, nobody did anything wrong here. Not me, not Jared, not Lourdes. Not me or Ben.

MICHAELA: No, of course not.

GRACE: I am going to tell him. I just- I need to figure out what I’m gonna do.

MICHAELA: Meaning, who you’re gonna be with? Wow. Grace, look, I know that you guys didn’t have a perfect marriage, but really? He is your He is your husband.

GRACE: [VOICE BREAKING] I know. And I love him. God help me. I didn’t even remember how much I loved him until he came back. But you have to understand this is an impossible situation.

MICHAELA: This is none of my business, but you need to figure this out before Ben does. He’s going through enough.

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Grace’s impossible situation

Michaela provides the perfect sounding board for Grace’s “impossible situation,” as she puts it. Viewers can truly feel the heartbreak of a woman who loves both her husband and whomever she was with in the five year interim. Thank goodness this deception wasn’t drawn out over too many episodes because it took Ben exactly the right amount of time to figure out what was going on.

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Athena Karkanis nailed this scene

Everything, from her mournful gazing out of the window and letting the curtain fall back to her struggling explanations to her sister-in-law, was spot on.

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The possibility of Grace cheating is gross

The whole idea that Grace thinks that she can cheat, even if it’s only emotionally, while her husband and child unknowingly audition for their roles in her life, is gross. She should at least be honest. Ben’s looking at her with rose-colored glasses right now, he’s so desperate for normalcy. But the whole house is tied up in knots because of her secrets.


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