Tell Them I am Good (102.17)

102.17 SYNOPSIS: At Rikers, while Ben and Radd are visiting Adio, he  is taken away by a prison guard.

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Ben hears Adio tell more

Scene shifts back to Riker Island where RADD and BEN are visiting ARYO.

ADIO: I did what I did to get by: Fake I.D. so I can work, shoplifted so I can so I can eat.

RADD: No, no, no, no. None of this is your fault. I left you alone. So if you did something, even out of desperation-

ADIO: I didn’t! They beat on me just like they beating on me in here.

BEN (to RADD): Is there anything he could tell us that might help confirm-

ADIO: Look, I did like you taught me. I kept my head down. I worked my ass off being a good man.

Ben sees Adio bruised more

Corrections officer grabs Aryo.

RADD: One more minute.

ADIO: Being a good man. Tell them. Just tell them. Just tell them, Dad.

RADD: Please, please, tata.

ADIO: Tell them that I’m good.

RADD: Please, sir.

ADIO: Tell them, please.

BEN: Wait, wait.

RADD: Please.

ADIO: Just tell them.

BEN: Please, sir! Give us more time! Don’t do this!

RADD: Just Just give us another minute!

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