Times Square Music (102.5)

102.5 SYNOPSIS:  While in Times Square, Ben again hears music. He runs into a fellow passenger, Radd, who asks Ben to help him find his son Adio who has been arrested for robbery and put in jail.

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Ben hears music again

The scene switches to Times Square.

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Ben looks down at his phone and reads list of job openings. Among them listed are a college faculty teacher, a senior lecturer at a university, and a postdoctoral researcher.

What is Ben’s Profession?

Ben’s profession is still unclear. He’s a teacher, apparently a professor … but of what exactly? And if he does get a job, how will he fit in all of his (divinely inspired?) missions?

SOURCE: TV FANATIC (Elizabeth Harlow)


BEN: Do you hear that?



Ben looks around Times Square. Skyscraper billboards are all around. He notices on one of the large screens that Kelly is speaking to one of the networks. He continues to walk.


Radd, the violinist

BEN: You. That melody.

RADD: That’s been clanging in my head all day. I need help. Please. Please.

Scene shifts to a food stand a short while later.


RADD: First it was the plane, the vision. Then this morning, the music, beating against my eardrums.

BEN: No voices?

RADD: You are hearing voices?

BEN: Eh, I’m not sure what I’m hearing or why.

RADD: For me, music is a higher power. So this music we hear, you and I together, it’s for a reason. And that reason has to be my son.

BEN: He’s the one who needs help.

RADD: I was with you in Jamaica to play with the philharmonic. One night. But I left a 13-year-old child with my neighbor, and I returned to an 18-year-old man. A man that is now behind bars.

BEN: Ah, I’m sorry. [SIGHS] What happened?

RADD: Police say it was robbery. But that’s impossible, you know, ’cause Adio’s a good boy. If I could just talk to him, there’d be an explanation, I know this.

BEN: Sounds like you need a lawyer.

RADD: I need to see my son. The jail said I need to be on a list, but I’m a resident alien and my visa’s expired. They say it could take a month, but Adio don’t have that long, you know? His trial’s next week. Please, please. You know the police. You’re a father, yes?

BEN: Boy and a girl.

RADD: Adio’s already been five years without a father. Can you imagine not being able to save your own child?

Statue of George M. Cohan

Ben sees the Jamaican passenger who approached him at the beginning of the episode on the north end of Times Square near the statue of George M. Cohan, the first coast to coast superstar, who started out at age 8 as a child performer. Cohan’s first big hit on Broadway was “Little Johnny Jones” (1904) which introduced the songs “Give My Regards to Broadway” and “The Yankee Doodle Boy.” He went on to produce over fifty musicals.

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