Trigger Finger (102.11 )

102.11 SYNOPSIS:  Jared confronts Michaela for trying to punish Lourdes for marrying him.

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Jared points to Lourdes

Scene switches to police precinct.

JARED: Trigger finger still works.

MICHAELA: Yeah, what do you expect? I had range time 10 days ago my time.

JARED: About this morning. Lourdes

MICHAELA: I didn’t mean to [BOTH SIGH] I just need time, okay?

JARED: Mick, if you held this against me for the rest of my—

MICHAELA: I told you I don’t hold anything against you.

JARED: Well, you could, and I’d get it. And please don’t punish Lourdes.

Michaela points to Jared

MICHAELA: I’m not punishing her, Jared, but I saw her and you, and I felt like puking or fainting or both.

JARED: If you could just put yourself in her shoes.

MICHAELA: Really? Is that where you’re gonna go?

JARED: Losing Evie was hard enough, but then you? Lourdes lost her best friend when you disappeared. She never replaced you. And I couldn’t replace you.

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