Uncharted Waters (102.3)

102.3 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela returns to the precinct where she runs into her old best friend Lourdes, but quickly heads into the captain’s office and is told she must see a psychiatrist before being cleared for active duty.

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Michaela’s discomfort

Scene switches to police precinct where she sees Lourdes for the first time.

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LOURDES: I came by the house last night. Grace said you’d gone out. Hi.

MICHAELA: Sorry, uh, Lourdes.Hey. Um, I got to catch up with the boss. I’ll I’ll see you soon, okay?

Michael walks away. JARED who observed the meeting from his desk, looks at Lourdes.

Michaela told to get a psych eval


MICHAELA: Hey, Captain.

CAPTAIN: What happened to, uh, taking some time for yourself?

MICHAELA: I can either sit at home staring at my ceiling or I can get back to work.

CAPTAIN: [CHUCKLES] So, here’s how it is. I want this to happen. You’ve got that going for ya. But I can’t sign off until you jump through the hoops: The physical, firearms re-cert, psych eval.

MICHAELA: Since when is a psych eval a hoop?

CAPTAIN: We’re in uncharted waters here. After all you’ve been through.

MICHAELA: Is that all?

CAPTAIN: That’s all.

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