Paranoia Sets In (103.13)

103.13 SYNOPSIS:  At the house, Ben is paranoid that the government has planted bugs. He calls Saanvi who says she has the same marker as Cal meaning suspecting taht the flight did something to all passengers. Ben finds a sealed condom packet under his bed.

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Ben checks house for bugs


Scene switches to Ben’s house where he is examining the thermostat, lights, etc. 

BEN: So, nothing on your phone? No clicking noises, static?

SAANVI: No, nothing.

BEN: Honestly, surveillance tech has gotten so advanced, I don’t even know what I’m looking for.

Saanvi finds marker in her blood

SAANVI: So, I’ve been running my own tests, pulled some of my own blood, ran a panel. And it turns out that I have it, too.

BEN: Really? It’s that same marker that Cal has. So, could we all have it?

SAANVI: It’s possible. Still don’t know what it is. My next step is to run an MRI on myself if I can fake my way into a machine.

Ben picks up a condom off floor

Ben looks under the bed, and finds a unopened sealed “Crusader” condom packet.

SAANVI: Ben? Did you find something?

BEN: I’ll call you back.

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One thought on “Paranoia Sets In (103.13)

  1. “At the house, Ben is paranoid that the government has planted bugs.” and “Ben finds a sealed condom packet under his bed.”

    I’m curious. What bothered Ben more? Later finding out he missed the bugs planted in his home by the Major and her henchmen? Or eventually discovering under his martial bed, where he finds the sealed condom packet, is the very same bed where his wife Grace and the man who replaced him likely conceived in the throes of passion their “love” child? The “love” child in which Grace would have a miscarriage.

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