One Truth Leads to Five (103.26)

103.26 SYNOPSIS:  Grace tells Ben she never stopped loving him. Michaela is at Evie’s playing cards with Beverly. Jared sits at the office looking over Vance’s business card before tearing it up. The episode ends with Ben finishing his resume when Michaela arrives saying they need to go see Saanvi.

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Truth number one

Ben walks through the living room to the kitchen where Grace is washing dishes. 

BEN: So, this guy do you love him?

GRACE: I love you, Ben. I never stopped. Not for a moment. Not for 5 1/2 years. Okay?

BEN: I love you, too.

GRACE: I know you do. And we’re picking up right where we left off before we were so rudely interrupted.

They embrace.


🔵 TWEET by Jeff Rake

🎵 You lose it, Just to find it 🎵
🎵 And as you walk right by it 🎵
🎵 You forget how you got there 🎵
🎵 And why you never meant to stay 🎵

Truth number two

Scene switches to Michaela playing cards with Beverly.

🎵 And if one truth leads you to five 🎵
🎵 I still don’t believe in your reasons why 🎵
🎵 I just don’t believe in why 🎵

📷 RELATED PHOTO: Michaela and Beverly


Truth number three

Scene switches to Jared at his desk tearing up Vance’s business card.

🎵 And if one truth leads you to five 🎵
🎵 I still don’t believe in your reasons why 🎵
🎵 It’s like this. 🎵

Truth number four

Scene switches to Stone’s living room.  Olive and Ben are on couch looking at a tablet, while

📷 RELATED PHOTO: Olive and Cal


Truth number five

Ben is typing a resume on the dining room table.


Michaela walks in.

🎵 It’s the right time It’s our time 🎵
🎵 It’s our turn to discover. 🎵


📷 RELATED PHOTO: Ben's Resume


Saanvi discovers something important

MICHAELA: Hey. I’ve been calling you. So has Saanvi.

BEN:  Oh, sorry, I’m in the zone. What’s up?

MICHAELA: She needs to see us.


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