The Car Crash (103.5)

103.5 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela leaves to go to the crime scene, but has a flashback to her accident with Evie. She asks Ben to drive who tells her he wants to help because he fears for the safety of his family.

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Michaela gets in car

Scene switches to outside the house. Michaela opens the car door.


In driver’s seat, puts on the seat belt.


She hesitates.


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Michaela remembers crash


/TIRES SCREECH/ There’s a crash. The windshield shatters.

/SCREAMS/ Evie lays motionless. Her face covered with blood.



Michaela is sitting in the driver seat. She hasn’t even turned on the engine.


Michaela goes back inside

MICHAELA: I need you to drive me to Long Island. I have the address for Kelly’s house. I picked it up on the scanner.

BEN: How’d they let you back on the job?

MICHAELA: Because I didn’t tell them. Look, of course I have to drive and I will, just – not tonight.

/KEYCHAIN CLACKS/ She drops the keys on the counter.

Ben drives her to crime scene

Ben is driving car. Michaela is in the passenger seat.

MICHAELA:  Okay, so, um, just remember when we get there, stay in the car.  I’ll deal with it.

BEN: [SCOFFS] No chance. This isn’t Uber. If I’m going there, I’m getting some answers.

MICHAELA: No, Ben, it’s noticeable enough that we are 15 miles outside of my jurisdiction, let alone with my civilian brother in tow.

BEN: Your civilian brother who helped you find two kidnapped girls. The cops were useless without us.

MICHAELA: That does not make you a detective all of a sudden.

BEN: I’m at the center of this just like you. So is Cal. And Grace is scared. Rightly so. And I need to protect my family. If we’re being targeted, I need to know who’s coming after us and why.

MICHAELA: Yeah, that’s exactly what I plan on finding out.

BEN: I am not gonna be a bystander. You know me. [SIGHS] I feel helpless enough as it is, cooped up at home, stressing all day. At least you’ve had a job to go back to. I know I can contribute here, Mick. We’re doing this together or I’m turning the car around.

MICHAELA: This is so off-the-charts out of line.

BEN: They’ll think I’m your partner. [SIGHS]

MICHAELA: Not a word, okay? Scout’s honor.

BEN: Guaranteed.

Explanation for Ben’s Involvement

At least the show understands that it must come up with an explanation for Ben’s involvement in police investigations, which was a troubling characteristic of last week’s installment. The fact that the murder that starts this episode involves a passenger of Flight 828 gives him a believable excuse to insist upon helping Michaela, and the fact that he has to drive her because of her phobia related to the accident with her friend Evie also puts him in the position to force the issue.


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