Get Out! (103.10)

103.10 SYNOPSIS:  As they are leaving the Taylor’s house people are gathering for Kelly’s wake causing Michaela to have a dark flashback about when she tried going to Evie’s wake.

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Michaela has flashback to Evie’s wake



Jared and Michaela have a container of food and are walking up to Evie’s parent’s house. They stand in front of the door holding hands. Michaela takes a deep breath. 


A man opens the door, and stands silent.  A woman’s conversation is heard in the background.

WOMAN: Heartbreaking. Evie was an amazing human being.

GLEN: You’re not welcome here.

BEVERLY: How could you? How could you come here? Get out of this house.


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Ben and Michaela leave the Taylor’s house

Ben and Michaela are in the living room.

BEN: Come on.

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