Designated Driver (103.23)

103.23 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela visits Evie’s house again, but Beverly has gone missing. When Michaela gets in the car to look for her, she has another flashback.

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Michaela discovers Beverly is missing

Scene switches to Evie’s house where Michaela is knocking on the door.

MICHAELA: I’m sorry, I need to tell you what happened the night of the accident.

GLEN: Beverly’s gone.


GLEN: I was outside for maybe 10 minutes. I called 911. They said I’ve got to stay here in case she comes back.

MICHAELA: I’m sorry, but I don’t have a car… I walked here.

GLEN: Take ours. Please, go.

Michaela has another Evie flashback


Michaela gets into the car.


Evie, who has had a lot to drink, is with Michaela outside a bar. They are headed to the car.

EVIE: Go! Whoo! I am the director of driving.

MICHAELA: No, you are not if you can’t even say “designated driver.”

EVIE: [CHUCKLES] You’re my designated friend, and I love you.

MICHAELA: Evie, tonight was supposed to be my night to celebrate, and instead, I get to be the grown-up because a cute bartender was feeding you shots.

EVIE: What are you doing?

MICHAELA: I’m calling Uber.

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EVIE: No, I need my car in the morning, and you’re totally fine.

MICHAELA: No, dude, don’t do this to me.

EVIE: Okay, never mind. I got this.

Evie takes the car keys from Michaela and heads to her car.

MICHAELA: Evie. [SIGHS] No, you don’t.

Michaela grabs the car keys back.

EVIE: [CHUCKLES] Michaela, Michaela, Michaela, Michaela.


Michaela is sitting behind the steering wheel in Mr. Evie’s car.



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