It Feels Like Cheating (103.11)

103.11 SYNOPSIS:  At work, when Grace tells a coworker that she is going to end her relationship with Danny because he husband is home, he tells her that sounds she’s cheating Danny, and she agrees.

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Grace says its over

Scene switches to Grace’s catering service. She takes out a pan of something that was in the oven. Her coworker, Rob, is with her.

ROB: So are you gonna tell me how you’re doing?

GRACE: Not bad. Needs acid.

Cal is seated at a table wearing headphones.

GRACE: It’s over. I ended it.

ROB: With Danny?


ROB: And you’re sure you’re okay with that? I’m just saying.

GRACE: I have my husband back, Rob. He’s the man I fell in love with. He’s the man I had children with.

Grace has second thoughts

ROB: I get it, I get it, I do. It’s just, uh, this is gonna sound insane, but I’m a little protective of Danny. Kind of seems like you’re cheating on him.


ROB: Sorry.

GRACE: No. Honestly it feels a little that way for me, too.

Why Danny Will Not Go Away Quietly

JEFF RAKE: As far as he is concerned, he has been in a legitimate relationship, he’s in love with someone who loves him…. This couple has been together for three years, and they’re a family unit. What I’ve always talked about in regards to these relationships is this is “infidelity without moral culpability.” Danny can’t be blamed for the current dilemma any more than anyone else can. Danny is going to feel that he has a legitimate claim to not only the woman he fell in love with, but also to the daughter he developed an important relationship with.

SOURCE: Matt Webb Mitovich (TVLine)

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