Cal and Kevin (103.14)

103.14 SYNOPSIS:  Cal’s best friend Kevin who is all grown up makes a visit. He says he is there to see Olive.

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Kevin shows up

Scene switches to front door of the house.



KEVIN: Hi, Mr. Stone.

BEN: Kevin? [LAUGHS] Wow. Last time I saw you, you were too short to ride the Cyclone.

KEVIN: So, uh, how was your flight? Yeah, this must be even weirder for you.

Cal comes home

BEN: If you’re looking for Cal, you’re in luck.

Cal is dropped off in front of the house from a yellow taxi. 

BEN: Cal. Check it out, it’s Kevin. He’s enormous.

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BEN: Hey.

KEVIN: So, we should go for pizza sometime at Queen M’s, like the old days.

CAL: You know what, Kevin? I bet you play Fortnite.

BEN: Cal just got it, and he’s catching up. You could show him some moves.


Manifest - Season 1

Kevin asks to see Olive

KEVIN: Oh, y-yeah. I’m actually here to see Olive.

Cal runs away.

BEN: I-I think she’s upstairs.

Grace saves the day

Grace walks up sidewalk.

BEN: Uh, oh.

GRACE: Hi, Kevin.

KEVIN: Uh, hey, Ms. Stone.

GRACE: You know, we’re actually just about to have dinner. Why don’t you text Olive later, okay?

KEVIN: Uh, sure.

Example of the awkwardness of a time jump

The whole awkwardness surrounding Cal’s friend Kevin having grown up and begun a teenage romance with Olive was another great example of how a time jump would actually affect everyday existence.


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