Isaiah’s Revelation (103.22)

103.22 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela visits Isaiah, the main suspect in Kelly’s murder, in jail.

Script & Commentary

Scene switches to the jail. The main suspect in Kelly’s murder is behind bars. 

Isaiah as a Biblical Name

The suspect in Kelly’s murder is named Isaiah. This is an important name in the bible and it means savior. He is one of the four major prophets of the old testament. He was “called” to service as the Lord’s helper and prophet to the masses.

SOURCE: Tracy Palmer (Signal Horizon)

ISAIAH: Hello, Michaela.

MICHAELA: You know me?

ISAIAH: You’re one of the chosen. I know you all. Michaela Beth Stone. You’ve returned to us.

MICHAELA: What about Kelly Taylor? Did you kill her, Isaiah?

ISAIAH: I would sooner kill myself.

MICHAELA: Then tell me what happened.

ISAIAH: I heard the sound of a gun, and I went to her. I-I ran to her. She died in my arms.

MICHAELA: Then you what, stole her necklace?

ISAIAH: I don’t care about her earthly possessions. I care about her.

MICHAELA: They think you killed her, Isaiah. If you’re innocent, you need to tell them. You need to fight back.

ISAIAH: I’m not afraid of prison. I’ve been here before. In this life, I will serve my penance. And when I die, I will return. I will be like you, Michaela. I will be pure.

MICHAELA: Trust me, I am far from pure.

Redemption and Near Death Experience

There is a whole lot of talk about being pure and other lives. I was convinced this was an issue of multiple timelines but now it seems more likely that this is about redemption and near death experiences.

SOURCE: Tracy Palmer (Signal Horizon)

ISAIAH: Because you haven’t unburdened yourself, for there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, nothing concealed that will not be illuminated. What have you concealed, Michaela, even from yourself?

Religiosity is Not Conescending

Christian overtones have continued. In addition to the massive cross on the wall at Evie’s parents’ house (okay, it was a midwest medium), the original suspect in Kelly’s murder was paraphrasing Gospel verses for Mick. The religiosity doesn’t come off as condescending or alienating, but it would be nice to see other perspectives come out at some point. Instead of relying on just one tradition, why not explore how many different religions reach similar morals and ideals by different paths?

SOURCE: Elizabeth Harlow (TV FANATIC)

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