Kelly’s Calling (103.8)

103.8 SYNOPSIS:  While Michaela is watching Kelly’s interview, Jared comes and tells her she is going to get into trouble. Michaela then meets Ben outside as they discuss the latest calling: “Own your truth.”

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Michaela looks for answers

Scene switches to police precinct. Michaela is at her desk watching video on computer.

KELLY ON VIDEO: Completely ridiculous turbulence. Off the charts. Look, I’m just going to own my truth. [VIDEO FAST-FORWARDING]  If If I’m going to own my truth, it felt like they thought we were the ones who are responsible for whatever happened to that plane. But none of them seem suspicious. [VIDEO FAST-FORWARDING]


Michaela is rearranging letters on the refrigerator to read “OWN YOUR TRUTH”


KELLY ON VIDEO:  I mean, if I’m supposed to own my truth, don’t you think they should, too?

Jared confronts Michaela

JARED: So, I just got off the phone with Detective Donovan out in Syosset. He seemed a little steamed.

MICHAELA: Yeah, I know it was out of line.

JARED: You took your brother into a crime scene.

MICHAELA: Jared, the victim was from Flight 828. If that’s the reason that she was killed, then I need to know because I could be next, or Ben or Cal. Now the NSA’s taken over the case. I need information.

JARED: You need to stop. You’re gonna get yourself in trouble, Mick.

Michaela asks Jared for help

MICHAELA: I will, but maybe you could make some calls?

JARED: [SCOFFS] [SIGHS] I’ll see what I can do.


Michaela meets again with Ben

Scene switches to outside police precinct where Ben is waiting. Michaela walks up to him.

MICHAELA: Incognito much?

BEN: Does this make me Starsky?

MICHAELA: Ha. Look, I got it. “Own your truth.” That’s what Kelly was hearing in her head. That was her “set them free.” Her calling.

BEN: How do you know?

MICHAELA: Because it called me, too.

Nice Callback to Previous Episode

Kelly’s misinterpretation of her “own your truth” compulsion that forced her to share the secrets of Flight 828 with the media was a nice callback to Michaela’s similar confusion with “set them free” in the premiere. Her openness with the media also helps explain the rise of the fanatics who attach religious importance to the mysterious return of the passengers, which will be an interesting development to watch unfold.


They get inside the car.

BEN:  “Own your truth”? You heard that?

MICHAELA: Yeah, or felt it. It came to me out of the blue.

BEN: That’s why Kelly did all those interviews.

MICHAELA: Yeah, accusing the government of lying. “Own your truth.” Who knows who else she pissed off? She could’ve made all kinds of enemies.

BEN: We have to go back to the husband.

MICHAELA:  Yeah, I agree.


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