Mr. Taylor’s Mall (103.16)

103.16 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Michaela make a visit to Kelly’s mall and when one of the store employees sees her badge, she flees. They chase her in a backroom where she reveals that many of the store owners are illegal. They learn that Kelly was trying to own her truth and shut down the family business.

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Ben and Michaela discuss Kelly’s calling

MICHAELA: Okay, I’ve got something.

BEN: How’d Evie’s parents go?

MICHAELA: No, it went badly. Just listen. Kelly went to the mall to get her hair done and came back with bruises, right?

BEN: That’s what the housekeeper said.

MICHAELA: It was her mall, Ben. Kelly and her husband owned the mall. Her calling was “own your truth.”  What if she was making a connection between the two?

BEN: Kelly’s husband said her calling led her to go on TV.

MICHAELA: Yeah, maybe she didn’t know what it meant, like us with the Pyler girls, remember? We thought it was about freeing the dogs. Ben, any one of us could be next.


They go to the mall

Scene switches to the mall.

/MUSIC PLAYING – “We’re gonna make it happen Gonna make it happen, yeah”/

Ben and Michaela pass a beauty saloon.

BEN: I don’t know, does this really look like a place Kelly Taylor would come to get her hair done?

MICHAELA: Fair point.

[MUSIC PLAYING – “I’m gonna tell everybody I need a change”]

They chase down one of the tenants


They see a woman locking up a glass display of sunglasses. 

MICHAELA: Excuse me. Can we have a word?

The woman starts off running.

MICHAELA: What the hell?

BEN: You didn’t say there’d be running!

MICHAELA: [TO WOMAN] Hey, stop! We just want to talk!

As they chase the woman to a back storeroom, they pass a digital clock which reads 828.

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TAMI: Mr. Taylor, he only rents to illegals. He takes 40 percent of your profit, and if you don’t pay, he calls immigration.

MICHAELA: And is that why you attacked Kelly?

TAMI: I didn’t attack her. I-I was trying to get away. I push her and she fell. I-I didn’t have the money. I thought she was there to collect, but she wasn’t. She said she was going to stop him now that she’s back. She said she was sorry.

MICHAELA: Did she say anything about owning her truth?

TAMI: Those were her exact words.

MICHAELA: [TO BEN] She followed her calling. She started shutting down the family business.

BEN: You’re thinking it was the husband?

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