The Crime Scene (103.6)

103.6 SYNOPSIS:  Ben and Michaela walk past a gathering of “believers” and see the police already have a suspect in custody before gaining entrance into the house.  A short while later, Director Vance comes in claiming jurisdiction and tells them to leave.

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Arriving at the crime scene

They arrive at Kelly’s house where people are holding vigil, while police are still investigating.

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MICHAELA: That was fast. Where do these people come from?

BEN: Kelly made herself famous. She was the face of Flight 828.

MICHAELA: Looks like they already have a suspect.

They pass a man being padded down by police by the side of a police car, before crossing the police line yellow tape. 

Gaining access


MICHAELA: I’m Michaela Stone, NYPD. Mind if I we have a look?

She shows him her badge.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: You on a field trip?

MICHAELA: I picked up the chatter. Might connect to a case we’re looking at. Do me a solid. We’ll be in and out.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Victim’s inside. I’ll walk you in.

Police investigator is dusting window sill for fingerprints.


DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Looks like a robbery gone bad. Perp entered here, went out the back door. The victim was alone in the house. Husband was out at a business dinner.

MICHAELA: What did they get? Gold necklace that’s it. Husband says she was wearing one. There are burn marks on the neck. Killer must’ve yanked it off.

They approach Kelly’s dead body on the floor.

BEN: Oh, my God.

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DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Single gunshot to base of skull. Bullet went through and through. Looks like a .38. She’s got some scraping and bruising on her arms and back.

MICHAELA: You think this was targeted? She was on Flight 828, all over the news. Talk about a crazy magnet. You see our candle-toting friends outside?

BEN: We saw you got a suspect. Guy in the car, you think he’s one of them?

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Our witnesses put him out front on and off all day. We picked him up two blocks over. He had blood on his clothes, we’re assuming hers. We got a neighbor who saw him running from the house.

MICHAELA: What about the gun?

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Must’ve tossed it, necklace, too. We’ll find them.

Escorted out when Vance shows up


Director Robert Vance enters the room, and shows his badge.

VANCE: Detective Donovan? Robert Vance, NSA. I’m gonna have to take charge of this investigation.

BEN: Excuse me?

VANCE: Anything Flight 828 related is a matter of national security.

VANCE: [TO DETECTIVE DONOVAN] Are you aware you have two acquaintances of the victim on your scene?

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BEN: I-I wouldn’t call us acquaintances.

VANCE: They both were on Flight 828. You can escort these two outside.


Walking past “believers”

Ben and Michaela are outside. They walk past the people holding vigil.

BEN: The killer one of them? Doesn’t make sense.

MICHAELA: Why not? If they’re fanatics

BEN: These people don’t want to harm us.

MICHAELA: Maybe this one did. Maybe he thinks we’re, I don’t know, aliens or demons or something.

BEN: Then why is the NSA here taking charge of a routine homicide investigation?

Learning about Kelly’s calling

/POLICE RADIO CHATTER/ A man is seated alongside an ambulance.

MICHAELA: Look, that must be the husband.

They walk over to him.

MICHAELA: Mr. Taylor? I’m Michaela Stone. This is my brother, Ben. We were on the flight with Kelly.

BEN: We’re so sorry for your loss.

PATRICK: I told her not to talk. On TV, all those interviews, all that attention. She didn’t care. She said she had to do it.

MICHAELA: Had to? Did she talk about someone or something telling her–

PATRICK: Calling. She had a calling her exact words.

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OFFICER: Sir, the medical examiner needs your signature.

MICHAELA: What did she mean by that, Mr. Taylor? No, wait, Mr. Taylor, what

BEN: A calling. Like a voice in her head.

MICHAELA: What if that’s it, Ben? What if this calling got her killed?


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