Murder Solved (103.24)

103.24 SYNOPSIS:  Michaela finds Beverly staggering through the street.  When one of the vehicles is about to hit her, Michaela cuts it off the road. The driver of the car is Christine and she has Kelly’s stolen necklace. Christine is then taken to the precinct where she is questioned.

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Beverly in the street

Michaela is driving through the neighborhood searching for Beverly. When she turns a corner in the distance she sees Beverly standing in the middle of the street. A car honks at  the woman barely missing hitting her.  Another car is fast approaching the woman. Michaela speeds up and positions her car in front of the woman causing the other car to veer off the right into a coin operated newspaper stand.  


Michaela gets out of the car and runs up to Beverly.

MICHAELA: You’re okay now, okay? You’re okay.

Beverly stands there silently, nodding her head toward the car which almost hit her. 

MICHAELA: Okay, wait here. Just-Just stay there, okay?

Christine in the car


Michaela approached the driver of the other car.

MICHAELA: Hey, are you okay?


Michaela notices that the driver (The housekeeper-Christine) is wearing Kelly’s necklace. When she tries to start the car back up and leave, Michaela points a gun at her.

MICHAELA: Hands on the wheel now!

This Episode’s Coincidental Run-In Less Contrived

Manifest has done a good job of letting the story of Evie and her tragic death come out organically, and involving the mother with dementia in the coincidental run-in with the perpetrator of this week’s crime was much more effective than last week’s too-convenient contrivance.


Donovan wants answers from Christine

Scene switches to an interrogation room at the police precinct.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Now, walk me through it from the beginning.

CHRISTINE: I need to see him. Can I see him?

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: That’s not gonna happen, Christine.

CHRISTINE: Patrick needs me. He’s gonna be a mess.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: Two nights ago, you went to Patrick and Kelly’s residence. She was alone. You went into the house. You had a gun. Christine.

CHRISTINE: She was dead. She died. And who was there for him every day for years? Me.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: You two are a couple? No, no.

CHRISTINE: It wasn’t like that. Didn’t need to be. Patrick ate better, looked better, was better, which made me better, made me whole. We had a life together.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: So you shot Kelly Taylor in the head?

CHRISTINE: She was supposed to be dead. She doesn’t get to come back flaunting that necklace like she’s the Queen of Sheba and treat me like some kind of servant, like I’m the maid.

DETECTIVE DONOVAN: And yet you were.

CHRISTINE: She was dead.

Are Ben and Michaela special in some way?

The ultimate reveal of Kelly’s killer was a bit of a letdown as we were led to believe it might be part of some larger conspiracy or supernatural occurrence. Instead, it was the maid, driven crazy with jealousy that Kelly had returned…But the only reason Michaela even got involved in the case was because she also felt a connection to the phrase Kelly kept saying on television, “Own My Truth.” Michaela wrote it as “Own Your Truth” on the refrigerator, which begs the question, why are she and Ben sharing other people’s missions?

  • First, they shared the same one with “Set Them Free,” ultimately freeing the missing girls.
  • Then, Ben heard the same music that helped him set free an innocent kid falsely accused of cleaning out the jewelry store he worked at last week.
  • This week, it was Michaela’s turn to share that phrase with Kelly

Are Ben and Michaela special in some way? Everyone else seems to be solely pursuing their own missions based on their visions or voices or music or whatever. So what is the difference, other than these two being our gateway into the show? Do they hold a more significant role in whatever happened to the passengers? Are they designated helpers to help the others fulfill whatever their visions are.


Jared wants answers from Michaela

Scene switches to hallway of police precinct.


JARED: Yeah, I have some questions.

MICHAELA: Honestly, Jared, I was in the right place at the right time.

JARED: You’re still going with that, huh? That wasn’t a coincidence, Michaela. That’s your second one. You’re two for two. Seriously, you need to start talking to me right now.

MICHAELA: Something is happening to me. I can’t explain it. [SIGHS] Since I’ve been back, I’m I’m different. I need time to figure out what that means, but until then, Jared, the less you know, the better.

Kelly’s Murder as a Distraction

The question is, are we here to watch murderers get caught or to find out what happened to the passengers on board flight 828? Kelly’s murder was a distraction, pure and simple. There’s a time for that kind of misdirect, but this may have been too early in the game. Jeff Rake may be trying to pace things out for a back order from NBC, but if he moves too slowly on the mythology, he risks losing viewers.

SOURCE: Elizabeth Harlow (TV FANATIC)

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